Lower Back pain


Mattresses For Lower Back Pain

Mattresses For Lower Back Pain

The size and quality of bed mattresses depends largely on how well it keeps the spine in shape. Old sagging mattresses that are generally used in rental homes and cabins can cause people to develop back pain during a vacation at such accommodation. Small-sized beds are also cause for restrictions on relaxation during sleeping, which causes back-related problems. So what is the best mattress if you suffer from back pain?

Mattresses for lower back problems should be able to support the spine as well provide enough space for relaxed movement during sleep according to this article. The correct sleeping position can also be a factor in avoiding pain. The size of the bed can play a major role when two adult-sized bodies are required to adjust in a twin bed, which are commonplace. Stretching exercises in the morning after waking up can help remove stiffness in the neck. Hamstring stretch with a towel, single knee to chest stretch, and piriformis stretch, which are useful exercises

    Abnormally large creatures on tiny mattresses wake up sore and cranky like the Giants players who complained this week of back pain after sleeping on dormitory beds at the University at Albany during training camp.

    Keep yourself limber
    But normal-sized humans can have the same bed-back issues, especially during these vacation months when people find themselves in cabins and rental homes with old, sagging mattresses or smaller beds than at home.

    “Typically it has to do with the mattresses, it’s all about how much it actually supports your spine,” says neurosurgeon Harshpal Singh, who specializes in spinal surgery at North Jersey Brain and Spine Center in Hackensack and Oradell. “People have different curvatures in [their] spine. It’s really the support to your spine that’s the difference of whether or not you have back pain.”
    Thanks to the physical nature of their profession, NFL players’ backs hurt more than those of most people. Two of the players who complained, Will Beatty and James Brewer, in fact, had preexisting back conditions. A third, Linval Joseph, had no previous back issues and was able to play through his discomfort. Six-foot-6, 265-pound tight end Martellus Bennett said his back felt great, but he isn’t surprised that his teammates are in pain.

    “You can’t put a damn dinosaur in a twin-sized bed,” he said

    The size of the bed can play a role in back pain, according to physical therapist John Gallucci Jr., who says patients often come to him with lower back pain after vacations. He finds that smaller beds can impede movement and keep a person from relaxing, resulting in a stiff back in the morning.

    Physical therapist John Gallucci Jr., president and founder of JAG Physical Therapy, which has a location in Hackensack, says the following stretches will help a stiff back. He recommends doing them in the morning when you first wake up and in the evening before bed.

    * Hamstring stretch with towel: While lying on your back, hook a towel under your foot and bring your leg up until a stretch is felt in your hamstring and calf. Hold that position for 30 seconds. Stretch each leg three times.

    * Single knee to chest stretch: While lying on your back, bend leg and pull knee toward your chest. When you feel the stretch, hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat three times for each leg.
    * Piriformis stretch: While lying on your back with both knees bent and feet on the floor, pick up one leg and cross the foot over the other knee. Grab around the thigh of the leg that has its foot on the ground and pull it toward your chest until a stretch is felt in buttocks. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat three times with each leg. 
The quality and size of mattress for lower back pain can determine the health of the spine. Sagging old mattresses do not provide enough support to the spine, and when two physical adult persons are required to sleep on a small mattress, stiffness in the neck is the result in all probability. The size of the bed is equally important to allow relaxed movement during sleep. Two people sleeping on a standard double bed may be most uncomfortable, although this is not an excuse to sleep on the sofa. Stretching exercises in the early morning can help remove stiffness in the neck.

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