Lower Back pain


Common Lower Back Pain Causes

Common Lower Back Pain Causes
Back pain can have a significant impact on our lives, prevent us from working or playing or performing basic tasks of daily life. Most of us suffer from this once, at least in our lives, especially lower back pain, the most common type of back problem. We will look into the causes of pain in the lower spine and identify some of the methods of prevention.

Common causes of lower back pain

 1Back Muscle Strain

Straining a muscle in your back is a very common injury, and the causes of lower back pain. Injury can occur through excessive use of muscles or ligaments, whether from work or sports or any physical activity. This is also typical lifting injury with many people suffering from a muscle strain in the bottom of the spine lifting a heavy object or too awkwardly twisting while lifting.

2Degenerative disc disease

Although the degenerative disc disease typically affects the elderly, and can also affect young people, over the age of 20. Causative tablets paragraphs to begin to decay and break, and put more pressure on the spine and cause inflammation. Is an inflammation of degenerative disc disease that causes the most pain, causing sciatica and compressed nerve roots.

 3Pressure on nerve roots
There are many different circumstances that could lead to additional pressure on the nerve roots in the lower spine. Pressure on the nerve roots can be very painful and debilitating. With so many required to back the rest of the injuries, but with the injuries that cause conditions compressed nerve roots, usually associated with back injuries such as disc herniation, osteoporosis or spinal stenosis.

4Spinal deformities
Although not as common as the above-mentioned reasons of back pain, there are many of spinal deformities that can bring on the pain down. Can cause such as scoliosis lead to a severe curvature of the spine and can be very painful.

 5Compression fractures

Can be compression fractures can be very painful and can be caused by trauma, osteoporosis or cancer that has spread to the bone. And break the pressure caused by trauma can be healed very well, but also depends on whether there are any underlying issues. With people who suffer from osteoporosis, and general weakness in the bones can cause many of the back issues that are very painful.

6Slipped disk
Pressure on the lower paragraphs can cause rupture of one or bulging of the intervertebral discs. Bulging disk tends to push the cartilage around the nerves of the spinal cord, and the pressure on them and causing severe pain