Lower Back pain


What to Do About Back Pain

What to Do About Back Pain

Many individuals can barely make it out of bed every morning due to low to mid back pain. It can quickly become disabling enough to interfere with routine daily activities in addition to regular work duties. Any individuals concerned about what to do about it should know the benefits of choosing chiropractic care and the many benefits of using chiropractic treatments and techniques to help ease and eliminate a variety of back pain issues

Chiropractors specialize in treating nervous system and musculoskeletal disorders without the use of surgery, using the hands to manipulate the spine and adjoining muscles and tissues to treat mid and lower back pain. The chiropractor uses one or both hands to manipulate the spine and its vertebrae, applying just the right amount of pressure in quick short thrusts. This treatment, called a chiropractic adjustment or manual manipulation, is aimed at reducing the irritability of the nerve endings along the spine which cause the pain, in addition to helping restore more range of motion to the back along with an increase in functioning of the back muscles. Another type of proven chiropractic treatment for pain in the back is called chiropractic mobilization. This involves moving and stretching the muscles and joints along the spinal vertebrae to help improve the patient's range of motion in using both the middle and lower back

Often the chiropractor will also include manipulation of the neck muscles in any course of back pain treatment because pain here causing headaches can often be connected to back problems. Other effective forms of chiropractic treatment for back pain include physical therapy that uses ultrasound or electrical stimulation in order to reduce the inflammation that causes back stiffness and pain. A chiropractor may also elect to offer patients a series of exercises to help stretch and strengthen back muscles in order to improve range of motion once again and eliminate the pain experienced while doing simple daily activities. The use of ergonomic devices at home along with diet and nutritional changes may also be prescribed by a chiropractor in the course of treatment designed to help alleviate low and middle back pain issues

Many patients experiencing back pain often seek out chiropractic care because it does not involve the use of either surgery or pharmaceutical drugs in order to deal with it. A series of chiropractic treatments may be required to address the pain, combined with nutritional therapy and strengthening and stretching exercises done by the patient at home in between chiropractic adjustments

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