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How to Cure Back Pain and Take Control of Your Life Again

How to Cure Back Pain and Take Control of Your Life Again

There are many people who are suffering or have suffered from back pain and I am/was one of them. These days I have no back pain.

If I was to put a date and time on how the route cause occurred, I can tell you that on June 12th 1981 I injured my back about two thirty in the afternoon. I specifically remember this date because it was exactly one week to the day before I was to be married. The accident occurred while I was showjumping and taking a novice mare over a fence. She tripped on a pole on the ground that was there to pace her stride and somersaulted headfirst over the jump. As she threw me to the ground she kicked me on the way down in the lower region of my back.

If my life was ever to flash before my eyes, it did then. I had clear visions as I was lying on the ground for at least 10 minutes with no feeling below the waist, of arriving to my wedding in a wheelchair. Fortunately there was no damage (or so I thought) and after the feeling returned to my legs, I jumped back on the mare and took her around again for fear of losing my nerve. Little did I know that for the next three decades I would be

continually trying every alternative method available, in an effort to find an answer to

how to cure back pain

I think the first time it really came against me was when I was in labour with the birth of my daughter. Being my first child and having no experience I did not know what to expect, but I remember being surprised that all the labour pain was across my lower back and that the smallest massage from my husband offered me the greatest relief. The back pain was so acute that I could hardly breathe

There is little that you can do, I have since found out, when the back pain is so acute, however mild massage does offer some relief along with prescription medication. This can be a blessing at this time, however does not constitute a solution in the long term for the relief of back pain as I have many adverse reactions to medication over the years

The first time I ever heard of Sciatica was several years later when I went to open my car door and was very suddenly crippled down my right side into my leg with excruciating pain. A visit to the doctor resulted in more medication and a test followed to prove that I also was severely anaemic. This was a result of stress that I was under at the time, having recently moved house, the commute to work was taking its toll on me, not to mention the longer drive was having an effect on my back. I had never related stress to the cause of my back pain at this time but years later I have a very different opinion. It is definitely related

As the Sciatica continued on and off over the next several months, I decided I needed to search for alternative methods of treatment for my back pain in lieu of taking medication. This led me to work with a Chiropractor which I found in the Yellow Pages!. After spending quite a cumbersome amount of money on these treatments I was still in so much pain he gave up and told me I needed to see a surgeon!

Was this how I was to cure my back pain? By all intents and purposes I had no other option but to see a surgeon. It was definitely the knife! So off I go to the surgeon only to find when I got there, that he had double booked and was elsewhere. He did not show for my appointment!

Incredulous, I decided that if he did not care enough to see me then that was the last time he would hear from me. I decided there and then that I would handle this myself and find a cure for my back pain

After many years of trying every alternative method of treatment, I have since found the best cure for back pain is to focus your efforts on the core muscles of the body. In order to really understand how these work it is very beneficial to find a mentor. I have found mine to be my physiotherapist. He is a movement specialist and engages in a variety of methods in order to stabilise the core. An ultrasound will show you where the core muscles are and how they work and what they look like when stabilised. An ultrasound is a great tool to use to explain what is going on with your core muscles and once you understand the information you will use it

Every time you are walking, sitting or bending you will become conscious of your core muscles and your intent will be to stabilise them before you do any strenuous movement

I believe the best way to start your strengthening exercise programme is in a hydrotherapy pool; this method of exercise has very low impact and can strengthen the body in a relatively short space of time. Once you are feeling stable, walking, cycling or a regular gym routine can lead to further strength but I must also recommend Pilates. This is a wonderful technique for strengthening the core muscles and balancing the strength in the rest of the muscles in the body. Once these are all in equilibrium you will be amazed how well the body will perform everyday activities again

I have had my many ups and downs over the last number of years with my back and looking back at the most acute attacks, one common factor stands out for me and that is stress. Whether it is personal, financial or work related it is definitely a factor that contributes to back pain

These days we are more fortunate to have the internet at our finger tips, and with a little research we can find a way to cure our back pain from the comfort of our own home without spending a fortune. There is no longer a need to search for a way to eliminate back pain temporarily, because with the types of courses offered today, one can learn how to get on with one's life without having to experience back pain again

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