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Use a Cushion to Protect Your Lower Back

Use a Cushion to Protect Your Lower Back

We don't notice it but we spend the most part of our day sitting down. We are either on the driver or passenger seat on our way to work; we do most of our office work sitting down; we eat while sitting down; we sit down to rest. Even leisure and outdoor activities are mostly sedentary like fishing and watching TV. There's not a day that passes when we don't sit down. But there's more to sitting down than simply sparing your legs of all the walking

If you think that sitting down for long hours doesn't take a toll on your health and overall well-being, think again. Read this: Sitting down for long hours can hurt your back and tailbone. When you sit down for long hours, the weight of your upper torso will be rested upon your lower back, your tailbone to be exact. This causes the bones to go brittle and eventually be weak to support your upper body. You may not know it but even if you are just sitting quietly, you could still strain your bones which could lead to serious health problems in the future

The best solution to prevent this is by using a cushion that's especially designed to protect your lower back from the strain of sedentary activities. Cushions are made from polyurethane foam, making them soft and comfortable to sit on. It is best to use a cushion even for outdoor activities like fishing and hunting to provide consistent protection to your lower back. Other things you can do to prevent the perils of sedentary activities is doing simple stretching exercises while sitting on a cushioned chair. You should also stand up from time to time to rest your tailbone from the pressures of your upper body

Using a cushion is a smart and proactive way to prevent further damage of sedentary activities. It will not only give you comfort, but will also help you prevent possible future health problems. It is also a good investment because it's durable and cost effective. It could last years of use and replacing it is also not a problem since it is affordable. These cushions are also intelligently designed so carrying them around with you for outdoor activities is not a hassle. It provides for good mobility since they are lightweight and easy to carry around wherever you go. They also come in different colors so you can choose from a wide range of cushion cover designs

Remember that we can only enjoy life's greatest pleasures to the fullest if we are healthy, hence the adage, "health is wealth". Do not forget to take proactive measures to take care of yourself. Do not wait for pain to force you into healthy living. Start taking measures to protect and take care of your body especially your back. The simple and effortless act of putting a cushion on your seat or using one when doing outdoor activities is an effective and proactive way to be have a pain-free and healthy lower back

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