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How to Avoid Back Pain For Life

How to Avoid Back Pain For Life

I didn't know that back pain was the number 2 neurological ailment in the U.S. Up to 8 out of 10 folks have a disabling vertebrae disorder during their life. By age 65 only one in twenty people have NO complaints about their back.

So What

Would you spend about five minutes daily at your desk to strengthen the vertebrae in your spine? It's easy, takes 20 seconds to learn and is relaxing.

You don't have to know anatomy to conclude a bad back knocks you out of the game. Can you remember these four things about your spinal column?

a) Never sleep on your back, always on your side.
b) Soft mattresses are an invitation to back ailment - a hard surface is good for your back.
c) Smoking reduces the blood circulation to your lower back causing pain. Smoking also causes your spinal discs (shock absorbers) to degenerate. Google it.
d) Lift with your Knees, not back. Pull-in your stomach with each lift.

Inquiring Minds need to know: you own 33 separate vertebrae in your spine.

a) C1-C7 cerebral vertebrae (neck)
b) T1-T12 thoracic vertebrae (middle back)
c) L1-L5 lumbar vertebrae (lower back)
d) S1-S5 sacral vertebrae (lowest back)
e) CO1-CO4 coccygeal (fused). Small tail-like bone at bottom of spine.

Oh yeah, the #1 neurological ailment for folks is the headache. On April 5, 2010 office building vacancies are at a 16 year high. It gives me back pain and a headache.

Secret 5-Minute Strategy

 Sit at you computer and pull back your chair.
Move forward and begin to ROCK back and forth gently about 6-8 inches. You are relaxing you intervertebral spinal discs (shock-absorbers). Stop after about one-minute.
 Now raise your arms vertically (Goal) and continue to rock back and forth. Stop after about one-minute.
 Now start a CIRCLING motion with your back. Sway back and forth in a circle. Left hip forward and around to your right hip, and now backward moving right-to-left. Roll, not rock and make an elliptical (egg-like) orbit with your upper body. Stop after one-minute.
 Continue Rolling your back in a left-to-right circle, but with your arms raised straight up. Stop after about two-minutes.

Improvise and mix-and-match the Rock and Rolling back motions. Each rotation creates flexibility in your vertebral spine and increases you protection. If you are presently suffering back pain use your own discretion to decide if you want to experiment. When in doubt immediately consult your medical professional.

Do You Sway Enough

You know we specialize in learning, memory and speed reading. We tested a new principle in long-term memory improvement. Bottom line: students and executives reported that rocking back and forth improved their memory retrieval and speed reading new knowledge.

Do You Care

We live in the Knowledge Economy and business changes are the currency of success. If you suffer from Information Overload you forfeit your opportunities for promotions in school and your career. In our private study, 80% of CEOs spend almost half their day reading to keep up with changes in their industry and the business world.

If you are searching for a killer position or moving from one organization to another, how you handle knowledge is highly relevant. Major HR departments expect you to be able to stay ahead of the inflow of information in your industry.

How to Swing and Sway for Fun and Money

Let's be sensible, if you cannot give me a pretty good reason to sway my body during learning, it is too ridiculous to even start, right?

Beta to Alpha

OK, after just 20 seconds of swaying (rocking) your body back and forth while reading or preparing a presentation, your brainwave electrical rhythms (cycles per second) Change from Beta Hz (Hertz) of 13-40 cycles per second of Alert- Concentration (arousal) - to Alpha brainwaves of 8-13 cycles per second.

Alpha consists of deeply relaxed brainwaves. You are fully awake, but in a state of Non-Arousal. Walking in a park, meditating, or humming a song are examples of Alpha cps. When your mind and body are synchronized in Alpha you think clearer.

Switching from active Beta to Non-Arousal Alpha relaxes your entire body and makes learning and remembering easier and faster. You lose all distractions and give all your attention span and concentration to what you focus on.

Theta CPS

When you relax too much - with your eyes open, you may experience DayDreaming and even Road-Hypnosis. Theta cps is 4-7 Hz (cycles per second). When you are determined to learn new knowledge or put information into long-term memory, you need Alpha, not Theta or Delta (sleep - ½ to 4 cps).

How to Sway

None of the students or executives got seasick from swaying and rocking; some called it self-hypnosis. It does not interfere with reading after 10 seconds of movement and in fact improves your reading speed up to 30%. Truth.

Your altered state of consciousness to deep relaxation - makes memory repetition easy to concentrate on. It becomes like a song you heard but you find hard to get out of your mind. Do a Mind Experiment, and be your own scientist. Our results indicate an extraordinary improvement is probable. You be the judge, right?

Swaying (rocking) works whether you are standing or sitting. Some folks like to stand up and read to create a variety of experiences.

Please Take Notice: swaying requires no more than a rocking motion of 2-3 inches forward to be effective.

If you read a book and rock 9-10 inches forward you are rocking yourself into Theta and your eyes begin to close. No good. Just a slight swaying motion back and forth increase your learning, comprehension and memory.

Last thought: your brain generates up to 10 watts of electrical power. Why not use swaying to Alpha cps to improve your learning skills and long-term memory. Once you commit to practicing swaying and rocking for 7-21 days - it becomes a habit and goes on autopilot.

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