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Lower Back Pain, Right Side - Facts You Must Know

Lower Back Pain, Right Side - Facts You Must Know

If your work requires constant body movement and lifting, lower back pain on your right side can be one of your biggest problems. The excruciating soreness stops you from doing your regular activities. If you wonder what leads to the problem and what you can do to relieve yourself from it, this article will help you find solution for your discomfort.


Different reasons lead to lower back pain on your right side. Minor causes include improper posture, too much heavy lifting or muscle strain due to overstretching. If the discomfort is radiating to your legs, then the most probable reason has a correlation to your nerves. A herniated disc or compression of the nerves is the common source. By knowing the culprit, you can employ the most appropriate treatment to free you from lower back pain


Recurring lower back pain on your right side is the reason why most patients seek medical advice. Once your physician gets your medical background and performs physical examination, request for medical imaging techniques to follow. X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT Scan, or ultrasound are the possible ways to view the underlying problem


Based on the results of your physical examination and imaging diagnostic methods, your physician will have a working diagnosis and from there, treatment will commence. To relieve you of the symptom, you can take analgesics or a prescription drug to target the origin of the illness


Some causes of lower back pain on your right side are preventable. Proper posture and body mechanics are efficient ways to prevent it from occurring

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