Lower Back pain


Causes of Low Back Pain (Right Or Left Side)

(Causes of Low Back Pain (Right Or Left Side

How is your lower back feeling

Does it hurt on the lower right side of your back

 Introduction to This Article

Your lower back is the foundation for your torso. As you already know, it is imperative to be as pain free as possible in your lumbar spine. Unfortunately, more people get back pain than you might guess. It has been said that 80 % of people get back pain at some level throughout the course of their life. Let us now take a closer look at why you may be suffering from pain in your lower back, on the right side

Causes of Lower Back Pain - On The Right Side

    Muscle Strains
    Ruptured or herniated disc
    Poor body mechanics during weight lifting, sitting, or exercising
    Obesity or previous lower back issue that was not healed completely

 Pain Treatment Options

If you have hurt your lower back then it is important to take it seriously, of course. When we were all younger, rest seemed to take care of everything. As we all get a little older it becomes more obvious that your life is constantly tugging at you. There is always something to do and it seems that rest is not as possible as we might like. Sometimes ice can help, but this is usually used when you are laying prone. The problem with ice is that it melts fairly quickly too

Surgery is an option for extreme cases. However, many quality physicians will tell their patients that they would rather have you try conservative treatment options that work, rather than getting you in to the operating room. Let's face it, sometimes surgery is the only option to help us recover

 Why Braces Can Help You

Many physicians will tell their patients about the importance of getting a back brace for support. They do this for 3 basic, time tested reasons. For example a quality lower back brace can help to

    Reduce your back pain
    Promote healing of an injury lower back
    Remind you not to make certain movements that can further your injury and pain levels

You will be surprised that a low profile, light weight back support can actually be concealed by a t-shirt as well. For this reason, people will never even know that you have one on, unless you tell them. For these reasons, many physicians and people benefit from the increased support of a back brace that unloads painful elements of their lower back

* This is health related information. We believe in the benefits of lumbar back supports, but it is best to talk with your physician regarding health advice for your particular situation

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