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How to Reduce Low Back Pain by Using Resistance Bands

How to Reduce Low Back Pain by Using Resistance Bands

Low back pain has become one of the most common physical problems in today's' world. Only functional work out programs can strengthen our core abdominal muscles and help us get rid of this acute pain. These exercises can be efficiently performed with the help of resistance bands. Here are a few steps that you should follow

· Start with lying down on the floor. Stretch your legs in a straight line towards the ceiling and wrap up the exercise band around them in such a manner that the soles of your feet rest on it. Hold the edges of the band in your hands and keep the back portion of your body on the floor. Now, try to pull your front ribs inward as if you are pinning your belly button to the rear of your spinal cord. It would help you work on your lower core abs.

· Bring your legs back to the earlier position gradually. Your lower core abs should be involved even this time too. However, do not place your legs on the floor directly. There will be a time when your heels will be right above the ground. Float them at that position for a while, and then draw the lower back abdominals as well as your legs back to the floor. The entire work out should be repeated at least 10 to 12 times. Take rest once you are done with it.

· Now, start with lifting up your legs from the floorings once again. The ends of the resistance bands should still be in your hands. Slowly spread out your arms by your sides in a straight line. It would look just like the wings of birds. Then, bend your palms to make small fists. Make sure that your fists are anchored into the floor. At this position, try to place your tailbone on the ground. However, you should not compress your lower back abdominals this time. Also, try to keep the normal cervical as well as lumbar curve intact.

· Start bringing down your legs, but they should be inclined to the right side. All at once, turn your head to your left and look straight at the wall in front of you. Your core abdominals must be involved in this work out. Now, breathe out with the help of the core abs as you draw both legs jointly back to the centre from the right side. After completing this step, repeat the entire procedure by interchanging the positions of the legs. Repeat at least 10 to 12 more times and then take rest for some time.

· Now, roll off to your right side slowly. Your feet must be positioned facing your chest. Also, make sure that both your knees are bent properly. Once again, wrap up the exercise band around your feet. The two ends of the band should be in your hands. Then, lift up your chest and pull the axis of the 'sacrum' to the fore. At the same time, roll down the neural spine so that the backside of your body rests on the floor. Start breathing out once again by keeping your core abdominals involved, and roll back up to be seated. This exercise should also be done at least 10 to 12 times. Take rest once you are done with it.

Perform these work outs with your resistance bands regularly to work on your obliques, chest muscles, and lower belly muscles. These would certainly help you alleviate your low back pain to a great extent.

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