Lower Back pain


Free Low Back Pain Relief Guide That Works

Free Low Back Pain Relief Guide That Works

For all of us, our back forms the foundation of our bodies. It is flexible, supports our weight and allows us to perform everyday physical activities of life. An athlete or a weight lifter knows the importance of a strong back. Similarly, a mother holding her child, hanging out laundry, cleaning the floor or engaging in any other household chore understands that her back is actually indispensable. However, this dear back of ours, if taken for granted, can cause severe discomfort and back pain bringing life to a complete halt.

What Causes Back Pain

It is surprising to note that back pain is one of the most common ailments affecting people in today's world. We need to admit to ourselves that we neglect our backs in more ways than one and promise to take positive steps towards maintaining a sturdy back.

One of the obvious causes is the ever increasing tilt towards sedentary lifestyles, rich junk food, erratic food habits and eating hours, obesity etc. In addition, most jobs require spending long hours before the computer. The result is an incorrect posture and goodbye to all the principles of ergonomics. Sometimes, our back is also forced into wrong alignments by the way we sleep, stretch, sit or slouch. What we fail to realize is the fact that though the back supports us unconditionally, it needs to be supported back by us.

Overuse of the back may cause stress on it resulting in back pain. Our back is quite susceptible to accidental jerks, sudden movements like bending or lifting an object, bumpy journeys, extra-soft beds, unpracticed stretching, unsupervised exercise that happens in spurts and the like. Without realizing, we tend to cause an injury to our back and suffer from acute bouts of pain. Seemingly, backaches can dampen spirits as they refuse to subside. However, the good part is that all back pains are not of permanent nature. If the pain is due to a muscular stretch or pull, it heals within a few weeks if proper care, medication and precaution is taken. Patience and management of pain are the keys to healing.

There are medical conditions like disc herniation and the degenerative back diseases that cause intense back pain as the discs of the spine are either pushed out of place or are damaged. Immediate treatment is recommended in these cases to prevent complications. With time and physiotherapy, one can hope for relief from the pain.

Often, a diet deficient in essential nutrients like calcium also causes the spine to grow weak. Improper diet is thus indirectly responsible for your back problems. Doctors advice timely and well-balanced meals that help the back by strengthening it.

Back pain can be quite a nuisance. It's best to balance out life with proper nutrition and regular exercise to keep the back muscles fighting fit. One needs to make a conscious effort to be cautious with one's posture and avoid jerky movements of the body. When there's a need to bend, bend at the knees. A little laziness can cost you your back! Visit the resource box below and get your free back pain relief guide

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