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How To Get Rid of Nagging Back Pain Forever With the Latest Breakthrough In Physical Medicine

How To Get Rid of Nagging Back Pain Forever With the Latest Breakthrough In Physical Medicine

Chronic back and neck pain is an extremely common health problem affecting tens of millions of Americans each year. Back pain alone is estimated to be a $100 billion dollar per year problem, affects 80% of the population at least once in their life and accounts for a high percentage of visits to the doctor's office and to the emergency department.

What can be done to alleviate all of this suffering. There are numerous therapeutic approaches including chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, medicine, massage therapy, surgery, diet, exercise - even hypnosis.

There has been an immense amount of research done in this area. And the data indicates that the best course of action involves restoring motion, strength & stability and maintaining ideal posture. With so many variables and so much involved, it's little wonder why permanent relief has eluded the majority of chronic pain suffers.

A new concept in physical medicine has been developed and it's called MAS Correction. MAS is an acronym which it stands for "Motion-Alignment-Strength". It is a comprehensive system for restoring normal joint & muscle motion (by improving flexibility & range of motion), realigning the spine, pelvis and overall posture (thus improving the structural integrity) and stabilizing and strengthening the supportive soft tissues (via functional exercises that are specifically targeting areas of weakness and instability).

MAS correction offers chronic back pain suffers a comprehensive, one-stop solution for the permanent resolution of their nagging aches and pains. It is non-toxic, non-invasive and works exceptionally well.

Motion is essential for life, a pain free lifestyle and enhanced athletic performance. When our bodies stop moving correctly, they start to break down. All joints in your body need to be able to move freely. Joint surfaces should move smoothly - like ice gliding on ice. If joint surfaces become stuck, they start to "rust" (figuratively). This leads to arthritis and joint decay. Muscles are the movers and levers of your body. When your muscles lose their flexibility, become stiff, go into spasm or loose their ability to contract normally, you no longer are able to move well.

Most of the movements you do today were originally learned when you were a toddler. Your ability to crawl, walk, sit, stand, squat, lean over, etc. are all controlled by the central nervous system (CNS). These neurological motion patterns are disrupted and altered by injuries, misalignment's and abnormal posture.

Normal alignment is as important to the spine as it is to a suspen­sion bridge or building. Mechanical engineers know that if a bridge is structurally unsound, it can collapse. If the foundation of a building isn't level, the building will never be structurally sound. Just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a crooked spine doesn't have mechanical stability either.

We all are under the force of gravity, twen­ty-four hours per day. Excessive gravitational loads placed on the body, due to abnormal structure, will result in too much stress being placed on the bones, joints, muscles and most importantly, the central and peripheral nervous systems. We do a thorough structural analysis of the posture as well as each individual vertebrae plus the sacrum and pelvic bones.

If your spine lacks core strength, it won't be able to handle the various demands placed upon it via your activities of daily living. The result of which is chronic, nagging pain and re-injuring the same areas over and over again.

In order to stabilize and strengthen the spine, you need a program which is specifically designed to discover and then correct functional weaknesses. In order to accomplish this, you need specific functional exercises to strengthen those isolated muscle groups which are suspected to be lacking the appropriate degree of strength & stability

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