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What Causes Lower Back Pain in Women

What Causes Lower Back Pain in Women

Lower back pain is common in women, and there are various reasons for it, among which there is a sedentary lifestyle, nutritional imbalances (which often lead to obesity) and various stresses we all experience at work. In fact the pain in the lower back has become so common that many women just ignore it or take painkillers to forget about it. The consequences? The worsening of the lower back condition lead to serious disorders that take a lot of time to get treated and require some decent money to do it.

Our spine holds the main nerve channel that connects out brain with other organs; the structure of the spine allows a good level of flexibility but if the surrounding back muscles are weak (or get weakened by the improper lifestyle), then the spine cannot remain in its natural position hence the pain and other accompanying problems.

The lower back pain in women can be primary and secondary. The primary pain is usually caused by spine disorders and its abnormalities, such as disorders of the individual vertebrae, intervertebral discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons

The secondary back pain is caused by various injuries, tumors, infections, problems in the internal organs, osteoporosis and can be due to some other causes. Often this secondary type of back pain can be a signal that something in the body is going wrong.

Often among the causes of lower back pain in women there can be benign and malignant tumors in the pelvis. It could be endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, uterine cancer, kidney disease and the damage of major blood vessels, chronic prostatitis as well as certain diseases of the nervous system.

One is advised to pass a CT scan for accurate diagnosis; the scan will show the condition of the bone tissue and spinal magnetic resonance imaging, which provides information on the soft tissues.

The lower back pain causes in women can also be of the following nature

lower back pain causes in women- Women who spends a lot of time sitting in front of a computer or driving

 Severe pain in the lower back can be caused by improperly done heavy physical labor

- Misbalanced workouts can also lead to beck pain

Too much sitting or too much standing during the day can be the cause

 If you fond of gardening watch your posture since your back is at risk

 Obesity is a common case as it burdens the lower back with excessive body weight

 Women are gentle in nature, so if the lower back muscles are not strengthened properly, the risk is still there even if other causes are absent

 Pregnancy can cause the back pain

- Menopause can contribute to osteoporosis development.

Tips to avoid pain in the women’s lower back: watch your posture during the day and correct it if needed; exercise regularly but never overdo your workouts; eat healthy and easy to digest foods; prepare yourself for pregnancy by strengthening the appropriate muscles; reduce stress and learn how to relax

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