Lower Back pain


Lower Back Pain When Lying Down

Lower Back Pain When Lying Down

If you experience lower back pain when lying down you are not alone. Pain can strike in different parts of the back and can affect different activities and functions. Lying down when you have this sort of pain can be uncomfortable and painful, as can walking, sitting, and standing. The big problem with getting this type of pain when you lie down is that it makes it impossible to get any rest, which puts you in a catch 22 situation. This is because you need rest in order to help alleviate the condition causing your back pain but the fact that you have this pain means you cannot get any rest.

There are a number of reasons why you may be getting this pain when you are lying down. The root cause of the condition can vary. Remember, the lower region of the back, also known as the lumbar region, is particularly susceptible to problems. Pain in this part of the back can strike at different times, such as when you sit, stand, walk, or lie down. If you experience the discomfort for more than a few days you may need to see your doctor to find out the cause of the problem. However, often the root cause of the condition can be simpler than you think.

What causes this pain when you lie down

A number of problems can cause this sort of discomfort when you lie down. There are some conditions that may require medical assistance to address them. However, this problem can be caused by a number of simple things too. By identifying the cause of the pain you can then look at the options available to rectify it. Some of the things that may be causing this discomfort include:

    An underlying condition: Pain in the back region can be caused by many different things. If your pain persists and you cannot pinpoint the reason for it you should visit your doctor so that tests can be carried out. It is then possible for the doctor to determine the cause of your pain.
    Your bedding: The time when most people lie down is at night when they go to bed. You may therefore find that it is your bed, or more specifically your mattress, that is causing the problem. A change of mattress could prove to be a huge help.
    The way in which you sleep: Your sleeping position could also be affecting your comfort levels when lying down. If you sleep in a way that is awkward and causes twisting you could experience discomfort when you are lying down.

Stretching to ease your pain

Anyone that is experiencing this pain in the back when lying down may be able to ease the symptoms through stretching and exercise. This can help to ease stiffness and increase flexibility. It can also improve the strength of the spine and stretch the muscles. For those in pain with their backs this type of self help therapy can prove really helpful and can help to ease lower back pain when lying down.

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