Lower Back pain


Treating Lower Back Pain

Treating Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Explained

Lower back pain can be described as tension, soreness or stiffness in the area between the bottom of the rib cage and the buttock creases and may also extend to the upper legs.

Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. When a particular movement hurts, you need to rest or seek help.

Lower back pain has many causes. Sometimes it can come on suddenly such as following an injury e.g. lifting or it can develop over a period of time. many types of lower back pain resolve quickly however some can last for months or years which is then considered to be chronic.

Back pain can originate in different areas. sometimes the pain comes from muscles, joints or the nerves which branch out from the vertebral discs of the spine. often it can be a combination of all three.

Although most lower back pain is not due to serious conditions, sometimes it can be part of more serious and potentially progressive conditions. these can include conditions that affect the joints and muscles such as certain types of arthritis, neurological conditions, and malignancies as well as diseases that affect organs such as your kidneys.

Acupuncture can provide long-term relief from back pain

Many people show a rapid response to acupuncture and experience immediate pain relief, in other cases the condition may require several courses of treatment. Pain relief through treatment with acupuncture can also reduce the need for medication. For more chronic pain, acupuncture can play an important role in maintaining a healthy back and reduce the chance of a return to pain.

Acupuncture is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellance (NICE) for the early treatment and management of persistent or recurrent lower back pain, defined as non-specific lower back pain that has lasted for more than 6 weeks, but for less than 12 months.

How many treatments will I need

The NICE Guidelines for low back (2009) recommend 10 treatments over a period of up to 12 weeks. The aim of the recommended treatments and management strategies is to reduce the pain and its impact on your day to day life.

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