Lower Back pain


Stabbing Lower Back Pain on Side

Stabbing Lower Back Pain on Side
If you have lower back pain stabbed on either side on the right side or the left side of your back and do not know what causes it, then, the first thing you should do, is to look at your symptoms. Is stabbing pain or pain that runs through the landing buttocks and radiates down the back of the leg or more than one type of severe muscle pain or throat pain?
If stiffness and / or pain, then this is just sore muscles or bruises and a heating pad can help relieve pain. However, if the pain is pain and stabbed like runs down the back of his leg after that, chances are you are suffering from what is known and referred to as sciatica.
Now the question is: "What is sciatica?" Sciatica is a word used when referring to the pain caused by the sciatic nerve and damaged or the sciatic nerve, which is by pressing the wrath of having developed it, which begs the following question: "What is the sciatic nerve?"
Called the sciatic nerve (there are two actual, one on each side of the body) is the nerve that starts in the lower back, and extends from the spine in five places, and runs downward through the buttocks under the muscle piriformis muscle, and the lower leg and down to your feet. Are the longest nerves in the body.
When this nerve, and the sciatic nerve, and put pressure on it, it becomes irritated and inflamed, which causes lower back pain stabbed on one side or the other to feel. The most common reason for this pressure is piriformis syndrome, a term used to describe the piriformis muscle bruised or damaged swelling due to inflammation.
Piriformis muscle muscles are attached to the lower part of the spine to the top of the thigh bone. As long sciatic nerve under this muscle, when the muscle swells due to inflammation it puts pressure on the sciatic nerve and thus, causing severe pain in the lower back that feels on one side or the other. To relieve pain should reduce swelling, just as you do with any kind of inflammation, use ice packs for thirty minutes at a time, every two hours. (Make sure you put a piece of cloth between the ice pack and the skin to avoid skin damage.)
The second most common cause is a herniated disc or hernia, if this is the case, to relieve pain immediately after it occurs first, and you do the same thing as above.
When pressed sciatic nerve gets between the discs and vertebrae, becomes irritated and inflamed and again, just as is the case with any type of inflammation, and can cure this disease from the cold.