Lower Back pain


Constant Lower Back Pain

The back is one of the most important areas of the body because it includes the spinal cord and vertebrae, and several tissue, tendons, bones and muscles. It is responsible for the implementation of the key tasks through support such as body weight and control their movements, and others. We also use our lower back to do a variety of highlights simple and complex procedures such as walking, bending and stretching, and thus, this area is brought under continuous use; making a threat to use or strains and pulls very high. In fact, lower back pain is one of the most common diseases suffered by people. Being one of the most reducing conditions, it is important that we identify with the causes and forms of treatment for the same.
The following are some of the most common symptoms that lower back pain can bring with them:
Dull or severe pain in the affected area that radiates down the buttocks and legs.Tingling sensation in the back and buttocks, and the region of the spine and legs.Muscle stiffness and spasms in the area again.
Lower back pain can be (back pain) can be either acute (lasting less than 3 months) or chronic (lasting for 3 months or more) fixed lower back pain can develop for several reasons, such as trauma in the region, can be sudden shocks (due to a fall or accident), or pull to the muscles (Error bending and stretching), and getting worse with the passage of time. Can lead to overall imbalance in the structure of the spine. Let's review some of the other reasons that can lead to this condition.
UseThe most common cause of lower back pain is the constant use of, and muscle tension and thus to various ligaments and joints and disks in the area again. So, too, can a lower back injury caused tremendous pain. Muscles and disks that are usually affected joints and sacroiliac joints. If there are problems experienced in tablets or joints between two paragraphs, can lead to pain, too.
Sciatica (nerve root pain)Sciatica is the term given to acute pain nerve root in the lower back. It is usually caused by nerve root pain pressure on a nerve root. There are a number of reasons why there may be pressure on the spinal cord spent. And one of the most important of which is an instance of a herniated disc, also known as prolapsed disk. In this, the softer part of the disc makes its way out of the most difficult part and a bulging disk. This then applies pressure on the nerve and causes back pain. At other times, it can be the case of a herniated disc, which comes about when a person is not something to lift properly or when there is constant movement and vibration experienced. A sudden jerking movement enough to drive a person to extreme pain in the back.
Spinal stenosisIn this, the spinal canal starts pushing for a narrower and narrower, and thus in the nerves and muscles surrounding it, causing pain and discomfort. One of the other reasons that cause pain is arthritis where there is degeneration of the joint is usually brought on by age. In this, the small joints of the spine and lead to suffering pain in the nerve roots, causing lower back pain consistent. Conditions such as the dissolution of spondylitis and spondylolisthesis, and can also lead to this condition. This comes when there is about the presence of defects in the vertebrae. Other related problems of the vertebrae include fractures and spinal deformities.
DysmenorrhoeaIs experienced by most women dysmenorrhea during menstruation. This condition not only lead to ongoing lower back pain, but also muscle cramps and lower back. Although the pain will slowly fade away as the cycle ends, you may cramps persist for up to 2 weeks and cause a lot of discomfort. It is usually caused by chemicals dysmenorrhea prostaglandins that lead to uterine contractions.
FractionsCompression fractures lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. This is more common among people who suffer from diseases such as osteoporosis or corticosteroid medication was long.
Other reasonsHere are some other reasons that can cause low back pain:
Bacterial infection that affects the spine, because of the blood that is infected area in the body.Spinal tumorsStressDepressionBroken or cracked ribsObesity and weight gain suddenThe wrong position during sleep or performance of any activity.
Low back pain is not a good condition limit because it affects all the normal activities of the people. Treatment, therefore, becomes necessary. Are dealing with acute back pain by following a group of several ways, which aims to reduce pain and restore function back muscles. After the infection, should apply a cold compress to the affected area. After 2-3 days, you should replace this with heat stress. Apply the cream to relieve pain or gel to the area helps to relieve muscle pain and pain taken away. Likewise, you may also painkillers can be prescribed by doctors. To strengthen weak muscles, the patient may be asked to carry during certain periods and exercises, which include walking, stretching or swimming.
In the case of chronic back pain, and some specialized treatment options must be considered. Some of these may include traction, acupuncture, massage and surgery in the event of severe damage to the peripheral nerves.
Should not be continuous lower back pain can be ignored. There are opportunities that may develop into more serious problems, which will make it more difficult for treatment resulting in irreparable damage. So whenever faced chronic and continuous lower back pain, make sure that you get a thorough examination is to exclude any health risks.