Lower Back pain



The term “sciatica” typically refers to a sharp or steady
,.pain that radiates up and down the back of the leg (i.e
through the hamstring), or “sciatic nerve.” Pain also can occur
.in the lower back, buttocks, and feet
Most back-pain sufferers and even many medical doctors
,incorrectly consider sciatica a medical condition. In reality
sciatica isn’t a condition itself but rather a symptom of
,another underlying condition—like a herniated disc
piriformis syndrome, spinal stenosis, or another back
Most of the underlying causes of sciatica mentioned above
are caused by muscle imbalances that have been getting worse
,(over time. Other problems with your body, mind (e.g., stress
and/or diet all can contribute by making what would
.otherwise be a low level of pain much worse
,The following action plan covers two areas: 1) short-term
temporary pain relief and 2) long-term solutions. I always
encourage people to work toward the goal of total pain
relief—in other words, no more back pain, period. But if
you’re too uncomfortable to get through the steps needed for
the long-lasting solution, you may want to start with the
.(temporary pain-relief options (listed below

For each category of pain relief (temporary versus long
term), I’ve arranged the solutions in order, with the step likely
to help you the most listed first. Start with the solution at the
top of the list, and then work your way down only if the pain
.improves, but doesn’t completely disappear