Lower Back pain


Right middle back pain

1. First one is I have been feeling this weird pain (I think it's either my back or one of the organs on the right side in middle close to spine on the right, pain feels like its coming from inside). Since december, I feel this pain when I burp (backwards burp, its a weird thing I do where I inhale air really hard for a second I dont know how to explain it), its kind of like a dull pain. Other times I would feel it while walking around. At the beg. of this year it went away so I thought it was just the bed that I was sleeping on. However the pain has come back so I know it isn't sleeping problems. I don't feel it when im sitting down or lying down. Today as I pressed on the area on my back with my knuckles, I could feel the pain. I can also feel the back pain when I suck in my stomach and exhale back out.

2. Second symptom I just started noticing is, when I go outside to walk I start to get a side-splint feeling on the front right. But its not a side splint because im not even running when I feel this. The pain comes from under my right rib cage. It is constant and I have to either stop walking or stand for a while to make it go away.

I feel neither the back pain or the side splint when I am sitting down or lying down. Other than CBC and urine tests, what other tests do you guys think I should get? I know my back pain isnt from poor posture because I only feel it on the right side. I have a feeling when I go see my GP he's just going to say something and end up not doing anything about it.

Since I only feel the pain when I walk or burp or move around and I dont feel it when I am sitting or lying down, do you guys think it could be serious? Or does this not mean anything?

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