Lower Back pain


Back Pain Right Side

Back Pain Right Side

The short answer to the question of why you have lower back pain right side is that the pain is a symptom of the bones of your lower back being out of alignment.

Usually when people have lower back pain the pain is in the middle of their back. If it’s bad and a disc is bulging against their spinal column they’ll experience pain when they sneeze, cough or bend down.

However, if the body is twisted you’ll experience more pain on one side.

In a way where the pain is coming from provides clues as to what’s causing it. If you follow the clues and get to the underlying cause of the problem you can start doing something to fix it

Lower Back Pain Right Side: Let me give you a quick anatomy lesson

Lower back pain is usually caused by tight hamstring and buttock muscles pulling your pelvis backwards and down. The normal ‘S’ shaped curve of your spine becomes a ‘C’ shape. It’s an inevitable consequence of sitting down

When the pelvis tilts backwards the bones above it are taken out of alignment, just as when the foundation of a house moves the walls start cracking. The pain you experience is merely the body’s way of telling you the bones are out of alignment. Ligaments, tendons and muscles will also be stretched beyond their pain threshold.

Question: what happens if one hamstring muscle or one buttock muscle is tighter than the other?

Answer, the pelvis rotates. One side may drop lower than the other. Then you’re in real strife because the bones above the pelvis rotate and twist as well. You experience more pain in one side of your back than the other.

It’s not difficult to diagnose which muscles are tight. There are simple tests you can do to see which hamstring muscle and which buttock muscle is tighter than its counterpart.

A simple test to check whether your pelvis is twisted is to do the hip crossover exercise. It will feel tighter on one side than the other

Lower Back Pain Right Side: The Solution

The solution is quite simple, loosen the tight muscles.

There are half a dozen exercises you can do each evening on the floor while watching TV.

Of course there is always the inclination to want to stretch the muscles at the spot where it hurts. This is not a bad idea but nowhere near as effective as loosening off the muscles attached to your pelvis.

That’s because it’s almost impossible getting the bones in your lower back in alignment without getting your pelvis in alignment.

I recommend you get someone to diagnose the cause of your lower back pain and provide you with the exercises you need to do to square yourself up.

There are a few strengthening exercises you need to do as well.

In a nutshell; do the right exercises and there’s a good chance the pain will go away. It could take days, weeks or month, depending on how far out of alignment your body is it.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be pain free.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and spend time each day doing the exercises to get your body back in alignment.

Regards and best wishes for a pain free life
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