Lower Back pain


Lower Back Pain Treatment

Ergonomics, exercises and physical therapy tips

Do you need a lower back pain Treatment? You are not alone! Studies have shown that lower Back Pain is the 2nd leading reason that people visit a doctor (1, 2). If you want to avoid lower back problems, follow the 7 tips on this page. There are routines, activities and specific back exercises to keep you feeling better for the long term.

For an immediate lower back pain remedy, scroll to the bottom of this page. You'll see the best position to relieve back discomfort.

Note: if you have an injury, medical condition, severe pain, or constant pain, please see your doctor or health care provider and follow their instructions.

#1 Use Good Ergonomics

Set up your computer or laptop so that the top line of text is closer to eye level. Set up your keyboard so that your elbows are bent 90 degrees (forearms are parallel to the floor). Slide your desk chair close to the keyboard so that you can sit against the back of your chair.
Sit with good posture. Tilt your pelvis forward out of the slumped position. Lift your chest so that your upper back is not rounded. Set your gaze straight forward to keep your neck in alignment. Then sit against the back of your chair. 

#2 When Standing...

(a) One easy and helpful lower back pain remedy is to put one foot on a stool, especially if you will be standing still for a long period of time. This will ease the pressure on your back. Standing with your feet further apart (hip width) and with a slight bend in your knees can also be helpful.
(b) Buy some well cushioned running shoes to wear when you’re standing. These shoes have the best technology to help absorb the load from your body weight. Go to a running shoe store where a specialist can match your foot type to the proper shoe.

#3 When lying down...

If you sleep on your side, place pillows between your knees. If you sleep on your back, try 2 pillows under your knees.