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Strategies and Techniques For Fast Back Pain Relief

Strategies and Techniques For Fast Back Pain Relief

Back pain is among the most common of all medical conditions. Unfortunately, because there are often no externally visible signs, it is difficult to diagnose. Chronic back pain symptoms can be extremely debilitating as the slightest movement can cause almost unbearable pain. Even mild back pain can be hard to bear

The most common causes of back injuries are heavy lifting, not lifting using the correct technique and other strenuous activities like some sports. Even poor posture or having an unsuitable mattress can cause pain in the back

Because pain in the lumbar region is hard to diagnose, quite often the only immediate pain management option can be from pain killers. However, there are other remedies that can provide relief. These include massage, exercise, chiropractic procedures. acupuncture, physiotherapy and, as already mentioned, pain killers. As a last resort, surgery is an option

It is very important before starting any form of treatment that you eliminate any areas that could potentially be the cause of your back problem. Failure to do this can make any treatment ineffective as you will be continually causing the very thing you are trying to remedy. Look at simple things like your mattress, is it too firm or soft; your car seat, does it need adjusting so you sit in a more upright, natural position when driving; is there something at your work that could be causing the problem

Let's look at some of these other remedies for back problems:

In the case of very serious back pain your medial practitioner will prescribe pain killers and anti-inflammatories that can target specific areas. There are, however, over the counter or non-prescription drugs that can be very helpful in relieving the pain and symptoms. One such medication is Ibuprofen, sometimes also marketed as Nurofen. Another is Acetaminophen, used in many non-prescription medications like Tylenol. These should be treated only as a short term solution and, of-course, should only be taken as directed. One reason why these medications are so popular is because they can provide very quick pain relief in some cases

Back exercises can be very beneficial in your treatment of back pain. Although you would think that exercise would be more likely to exacerbate the injury causing the pain, in many instances it has the opposite effect. Basically, exercises increase the amount of nutrition made available to the spinal discs which helps to strengthen the back and alleviate pain. Yoga is one sort of exercise that may be beneficial as it both increases muscular strength as well as flexibility. Tai Chi is another. Of-course, not all exercises are suitable and it would be advisable to consult a professional to get proper advice before embarking on any exercise regimen

Based on ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture used to be thought of as too "alternative" but has since proved to be effective in relieving the symptoms and pain of back injuries in many cases and often allowing recipients of this treatment to decrease or discard their pain relieving drugs

These days most of us spend a great deal of time sitting at desks. It is important to ensure you adopt a good posture which can not only help reduce pain but also prevent it in the first place. Many causes of back pain are as a result of bad posture. A good sitting posture is to sit erect with your back straight and both feet flat on the floor. When standing, also try to ensure you back is straight and head erect. Consider your sitting position when driving your car as well

Massage therapy conducted by a qualified practitioner will help to relieve tension in the back muscles. In other words the back muscles relax which can have a dramatic effect on the level of pain. It is unusual for massage to completely eliminate pain and so some pain killers may also need to be taken

These days surgery is usually only recommended as a last resort and in the cases of very serious and debilitating back injury where there is chronic back pain. Back surgery has shown some spectacular results but it must be considered very carefully as there are no guarantees. Your medical practitioner will be able to inform you of the pros and cons of going down this track

These are ways of treating and reducing your back pain but, if the pain persists, it could be a sign of something more serious, like sciatica or herniated disc, and you should consult a health care professional. Also, do not attempt any of the above remedies without first seeking medical advice

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