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What Causes Sharp Lower Right Back Pain

What Causes Sharp Lower Right Back Pain

Lower back pain is a really annoying and frustrating issue. It seems that no matter what you do, it simple does not go away and it also seriously affects your quality of life. The key to treating any disease or condition, is finding out the cause. If you want to get relief from sharp lower right back pain, then you need to know what causes it. This is the most important part and in this article I will tell you exactly what the cause is.

The causes sharp lower right back pain

    There are many treatments, products and techniques that are used to eliminate the pain. But the vast majority of these treatments provide only temporary relief, if that. The reason why this is so, is because they address the symptom, which is the pain, and don`t treat the cause. Logic will tell you that if the symptom is treated, then the cause will not go anywhere.
    The sharp lower right back pain you feel, has not happened overnight. You may have started to feel the pain suddenly, but the pain itself is the end result. The chain reaction that led to the sharp pain, may have started months or even years before you started to feel pain.
    Imbalances of the muscles is the hidden cause of different types of the pain. Muscle imbalancement happens if one muscle group is weaker and the other muscle group is tighter. At first the difference of the muscle groups might be very small and not cause any problems, but over time this gets worse and worse. This imbalancement over a long period, pulls your pelvis and spine out of position. The bigger the imbalancement, the more your spine, pelvis and joints are pulled out of positions. All of a sudden you start feeling sharp lower right back pain. Luckily the sharp pain you feel is treatable, if it is done correctly of course. One of the most trusted resource for back pain and sciatica sufferers online is the Healthy Back Institute. The reason why it has been so successful for over 10 years, is because they focus on the main causes of the problem and not on the symptom. So many medical or healthcare professionals are not doing this and that explains why so many people fail to get permanent relief for their pain

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