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Strong Lower Back Muscles and Back Pain

Strong Lower Back Muscles and Back Pain

  the abdominal muscles help to support the spine, but guess what. The lower back muscles are just as important if not more important! Before we get into it, let me say that back pain is complex, and you should see a licensed health professional before beginning any exercise program

Okay, let us talk about how strong low back muscles help to support the lumbar spine. There have been numerous studies on back pain, but it is pretty well documented that people with chronic lumbar back pain show a wasting away (atrophy) of the deep back muscles

In addition to atrophied back muscles, people with chronic back pain also have weakness in the back muscles. This seems pretty straight forward. People with chronic back pain have smaller and weaker back muscles, so one potential solution is to build up and strengthen the lower back muscles

Here are 2 main ways having a strong back muscles support and protect the spine

First, having strong back muscles helps to support good posture. In this day of computers and cubicles, so many people sit all day long. When you are sedentary or sit for prolonged periods of time your spine tends to curve and fall forwards

If you have seen older adults hunched over, then you might understand what age and gravity does to our spines. Some of the changes come from the vertebrae, cartilage and discs, but some of it also comes from the muscles

The back muscles help to keep your spine erect and straight. When the back muscles are weak, the spine will have a tendency to move out of alignment more easily. Strong lower back muscles help to maintain good posture, and this takes pressure off the joints

Secondly, having strong muscles can protect the spine from muscle strains. Muscle strains are a common injury to the spine. Generally, muscles strains occur when people lift heavy or awkward objects or when things are lifted with incorrect technique

A strain simply means that the muscle was worked beyond what it was capable of handling. If your low back is strong then you will be able to lift heavier objects without the same risk of injury.

I have seen the simplest things cause muscles strains in the back-2 year olds, a medium size box of books, and even a gallon of milk. Everyone has to lift things from time to time, and a great way to protect your back is to strengthen your muscles.

Again, let me emphasize that back pain is complex. If you want the healthiest lower back, you should take a comprehensive approach to fitness.

Focus on ab exercises, back exercises, flexibility and postural exercises, and sitting and lifting techniques. The best way to protect your back is to stay fit and stay active, so start exercising today!

Charles Inniss is a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer. Visit his website to read instructions and see pictures of abdominal exercises, and also get free ab workout routines.

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