Lower Back pain


Overcome Lower Back Pain

Overcome Lower Back Pain

Most beneficial and recommended treatment for lower back pain is exercise. The extent of suffering due to low back pain has caused tremendous loss of mobility among its patients. In a catch 22 type of situation, less movement makes the muscles stagnant and causes movement to be much more painful.

A lower back pain exercise plan if followed religiously can alleviate the pain significantly and also condition the body. Exercise is almost always ordered for back pain by doctors so it is best to get going on your own to prevent back pain in the first place. The type of exercise that you undertake and the frequency at which the exercise needs to be performed varies for individuals and their special circumstances. All the same, some form of exercise is a must to be included in a treatment plan for reducing pain in specific body areas. Exercise will also improve the conditioning of back muscles.

Lower back pain exercises are designed in such a way that the patient can continue to perform daily chores easily and also see plenty of improvement in the pain level at the same time. The physical therapist or the doctor attending to you will design a customized program. But even if not consulting a doctor or a therapist, it is still possible to take lower back pain exercise on your own. Design your own program and exercise in your own home, in complete comfort. Just remember that in the beginning you may feel the pain increase for a while. As the muscles have been favored, they will first go through a period of conditioning. Only after the conditioning is over, the pain will start reducing.

Apart from the physical, psychological benefits also result from lower back pain exercise. The patient becomes much more confident about increasing the range of motion once he or she begins exercising. It becomes quite obvious on exercising. That reduced motion feeds upon itself and the muscles become atrophied. When the mind starts focusing on pain, it creates an environment where in thinking about pain continuously makes it much worse in reality. When the mind is taken off pain, even pain sensation reduces.

While there are several lower back pain exercises, some popular and more beneficial ones include pelvic tilt, oblique crunches and small crunches, press ups, an alternating arm and leg reach, lifting of legs, and cat and camel. By increasing or decreasing the level of difficulty, these exercises can be included in any lower back pain exercise program with excellent outcome. The back becomes stronger by these exercises since the muscles become tighter. The effort during exercising enhances toning and strength of muscles. As we can se from this, remaining in bed due to pain is the worst thing that we can do to ourselves as not moving the body for any length of time actually causes the muscles to deteriorate. So the way to go forward and become healthier is to go in for lower back pain exercise

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