Lower Back pain


Lower Back Pain - Common Causes and Treatment Options

Lower Back Pain - Common Causes and Treatment Options

Do you know that lower back pain is the most common ailment these days? Large number of people suffers from this painful condition at some point or the other in their life. It is indeed a matter of great concern and it should not be neglected in any manner

If you are suffering from mild or severe lower back pain, you should certainly rush to doctor for getting relief and to lead healthy and fit life. You all would be surprised to read that back problems are on steady rise and have become as common as headache or cough but its cure is must for everyone. Before taking steps for prevention of low back pain, it is important to know about root cause of this ailment. Some of such causes are written below- have a look

 Injury in bone, nerves of spinal cord or muscle
 Infection in lower body parts like bladder, kidney, hips and abdomen etc.
 Broken vertebrae

It is important to know about the exact cause of lower back pain before undergoing for its treatment. Doctors can offer you various pain relief ointments and creams to give you complete relief from pain

If your pain has occurred due to deficiency in nutrients, then ask doctors to prescribe you healthy diet full of vitamin D. Moreover enriching diet with calcium rich food sources too helps in getting relief from lower back pain. You would be happy to know that certain exercises are also advised by doctors to be done on regular basis that can help in keeping the pain at bay

You would be surprised to know that acupuncture also plays a big role in curing lower back pain along with some dietary change in your lifestyle. Yoga is again a good option to treat lower back pain. Doctors also advices hot compression technique for getting relief from pain. Apart from this, doctors may advice you with best option that suits you to treat your pain

You can even pull out some food items from your kitchen to cure pain associated with lower back. Application of garlic oil is an amazing way to cure pain. Mix 5 tbsp of garlic oil and sesame oil with mustard or coconut oil in a pan. Now heat it over low flame with fresh cloves of garlic. Apply over your back and leave for few hours

Take some peeled and boiled potatoes. Mash them nicely. Spread mashed potatoes on piece of gauge and cover them with other pieces. Now place them over lower back for getting relief from terrible pain

One of the simplest ways to cure lower back pain is to apply ice cubes to the affected area. Read more about the pain relieving methods online and get the best help you deserve so as to treat the problem early

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