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Hatha Yoga for Back Pain Prevention

Hatha Yoga for Back Pain Prevention

Hatha Yoga is a good complementary therapy for people who suffer from back pain. In the case of those who suffer from pre-existing chronic pain in the back, Hatha Yoga should help reduce pain and help improve one's spinal alignment. This is not to say that Yoga will cure chronic back pain, but that it is often a good adjunct therapy to orthopedic and chiropractic medicine.

With reference to Hatha Yoga as a method of back pain prevention, the record speaks for itself. Yoga is thousands of years old and the Mother of all health maintenance systems. There are many other health maintenance systems that may show a fair amount of therapeutic application.

However, many alternative therapies teach aspects of Yoga, and some are very often branches of therapeutic Hatha Yoga, under different names. In fact, despite its depth, Hatha Yoga is just one of nine main branches of the Yogic tree. All forms of Yoga reduce suffering of mind, body, and spirit. The following three Yogic points will help anyone prevent back problems and reduce pain

 Aerate the spine daily. You need to create space between the vertebrae, by extending the spine. This allows the spinal discs a break during the day. One example of a method that will do this is performing Ardha Uttanasana (Standing half forward bend). This beautiful posture is often overlooked because almost anyone can do it.

If you reach for a wall, counter top, or pole, and gently draw back, you will aerate your spine. The opposite of this is to remain seated in a chair, all day, and let your spine compress in the office. It is a wonder that most of us do not experience back pain sooner, by compressing the spine daily.

 Moderation is the cornerstone of Yogic philosophy. Never be lazy and never over do it. Mindfully lift everything, by using your legs. When you have to lift an object, think about leverage, good posture, and avoiding strain when lifting anything. Lifting should be in moderation. Lifting objects, that are too heavy, can cause permanent harm to the spine and skeleton.

 Keep your spine as straight as possible throughout the day. This is a difficult task, as many of us slouch and slump when it comes to posture. Picture yourself practicing good Yoga asana alignment all day long. This applies to sitting, walking, standing, eating, and sleeping. Good posture is a daily mission for prevention of back pain

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