Lower Back pain


Getting Rid of Back Pain the Natural Way

Getting Rid of Back Pain the Natural Way

Diet and Exercise for Chronic Back Pain

Do you have problems because of being overweight? If you do, I'd say you're probably suffering from back pain also. I only know this because these things always seem to be linked together. The reason is is that the human body was not designed to constantly carry around extra weight than it needs (as body fat). It is almost like carrying 10 to 15 bags of sugar around with you in your hands all day. The weight would soon become too heavy and unbearable. The same thing is happening with the spine, as the excess weight on the front-end to pull the spine in an unnatural curvature, shifting the hips into an odd position, and at the extreme end of the scale -- pinching the sciatic nerve (one of the worst types of back pain

The best way to overcome this is obvious -- we need to change our diet habits, and exercise more. Yes, I know you have heard this from every source possible, everyone seems to have told you this at least once. However there is wisdom in those words (as I'm sure you know) so now maybe the best time to start.

The first thing to tackle is dieting. There is a plethora of information out there on dieting, each saying their method is superior. However we need to keep it simple. The first thing to do is to consume more water. This has a few benefits, one of them being to tame your appetite so you're not so hungry all the time. If it's difficult for you to walk around with a bottle of fresh water, a good method is to drink water as an alternative to your favorite beverage.

The next part of the simple diet plan is to eat more fruits and vegetables, and cut down on anything containing trans fats or is high in sugar or salt. Never go to excess though, the aim is to lose around 1 to 2 pounds of weight per week, nothing more.

As for exercise, this will depend on your personal circumstances. If your back is not giving you too much trouble at the moment, it's a good idea to start with around 20 minutes of aerobics at least three times per week. This can also be supplemented by doing some form of weight training in the days in between. How does this benefit back pain? Simple, if you have a strong pair of legs, torso and core, you're going to be far more able to do day-to-day activities without the danger of the back pain or injury returning, giving you the extra benefits of more muscle mass, adding support for your back and spine -- improving your posture

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