Lower Back pain


Cure Lower Back Pain Right Side

Cure Lower Back Pain Right Side

If you experience lower back pain right side and find there is any swelling to the area there are certain measures you have to take immediately. To reduce the swelling it is advisable to apply ice to the area as soon as you injure yourself and then wait up to 24 hours before applying any sort of heat therapy. The heat, helps to increase the blood flow as well as aiding the whole healing process

As many as 85% of sufferers do reach a full recovery from lower back pain right side, in a matter of weeks but at the most 2 months if they follow the guidelines set out by their doctors. Most physicians will recommend over the counter medication such as aspirin, Advil, Ibuprofen or Paracetamol but it the pain is severe they may decide to prescribe stronger medication like Tylenol

They will also recommend immediate rest to ease the pain but advise that any sufferers take to their beds for a maximum of two days. The reason for this is that too much bed rest may result in more pain and this is mainly due to the weakening of muscles. They advise patients to move around as much as possible, even if this proves to be painful. However, it is also vitally important not to over exert yourself

It is recommended to sleep on your side with some sort of support to your spine. A good way of doing this is to place a cushion between your legs. If you are the sort of person who prefers to sleep on their backs, it is still vital to take any stress off the lumbar region and the best way of achieving this is to place a cushion under your knees so that they stay elevated. You should avoid sleeping on your stomach at all costs

In most cases after the initial medication and advice from your doctor, there is not much more you can actually do. It is just a question of time as lower back pain normally sorts itself out without any further treatment. During the recovery time it is very important to take care and not strain your back in any way but at the same time it is also crucial that you carry on as normally as you possible can and go about your daily life. Many people attempt to compensate for the discomfort by limping but this should be avoided at all costs as it will not help and often increases the pain. Keeping a good posture at all times will help you on the road to recovery and speed up the healing process

With lower back pain, right side exercise and stretching are seen as a means to strengthening your back and not for healing it, although there are exceptions to this way of thinking. If the pain does not dissipate, then you must consult your doctor who may want to investigate the problem further in order to arrive at a correct diagnosis. This will also help rule out any other serious problems which may be causing the condition such as kidney infection or even osteoarthritis

There have been many studies carried out on lower back pain and it has been shown that sufferers who dwell on the problem often take a lot longer to recover from the condition. People who focus on getting better appear to get better that much faster. The usual scenario is, of course, that the pain takes over and people find it hard to concentrate on anything else, but with the aid of the anti-inflammatory medication the pain should subside making this more likely

Doctors and specialists advise patients that it is just a matter of time and that sufferers of lower back pain right side just need to bide their time to a full recovery. Being able to continue with normal daily activities is crucial to the healing process so a mixture of rest, care, movement as much as possible and a positive attitude towards the problem has been shown to be the best way of coping with the condition. Recovery usually takes place a couple of months down the line as long as there are no other conditions which are causing the problem in the first place

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