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Back Pain Tips for a Couch Potato

Back Pain Tips for a Couch Potato

Being a couch potato doesn't mean you are a lazy person who sits around watching TV all day. Often, it simply means you are sedentary in general and don't live a lifestyle where there's a need to walk around much. This could be due to the type of work you do, your commute or overall schedule. Most white collar jobs are performed while seated and at a desk. In the US most commuting to and from work, shopping or traveling is done in the car. And when you get home if you are like most people in the US you unwind by sitting down to relax. For a lot of people the only walking during the day happens between trips to and from the car and to go into the kitchen or the bathroom once at home

The effects of this on your body can be devastating. Especially on the low back area. When a person is seated they are in what is called a flexed position. When in this position muscle weakness can occur in the low back and also has places undue stress on the disc that cushion and absorb shock for the lumbar spine. If you spend too many hours sitting on a couch with soft cushions that sink you may notice even more problems than if it were a firm couch or chair

    The best advice is to intentionally stand up and move around throughout the day. When at work try to stand up if possible and as often as you can while reading documents or checking emails

    When going to a store park far from the door to sneak in extra walking or take the stairs instead of the elevator if possible

    Avoid consuming liquids such as coffee, colas and other caffeinated products that may cause inflammation in the body. Drink plenty of water to keep your soft tissue hydrated

    If you do have low back pain that seems to be more nagging than an actual intense pain some simple stretching may be very beneficial to you. Mobility is the key to keeping the muscles loose and warmed up to help you decrease any discomfort you may have from a sedentary lifestyle

    When you are home lie down occasionally to take pressure off your low back that starts when you sit. Our bodies were meant to be in motion and not stay in the seated position for extended hours at a time

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