Lower Back pain


Back Pain Solutions

Back Pain Solutions

Back pain solutions come in different forms. It can be in a form of medication, exercise, physical therapy and some ergonomic devices which helps to keep the back free from pain especially when working for long hours through standing or sitting

Back pain is popularly called as back strain, muscle tear, sciatica, arthritis and etc. As common cold is very widespread, so as back pain. It affects 8 out of 10 people at some point during their lives. There is one common misconception about the pain of the back is a form of disease; it must be corrected that the pain is just one of the signs of an impending disease

It is to be corrected that back pain is not merely a disease but a sign that something is wrong. Common causes of such sign are attributed to poor posture, sudden twisting, laborious work and etc. Since the lower back does the movement most of the time, it is the very common to feel the pain even a simple coughing, yawning or sneezing happens

We have heard a lot about medications and therapy for pain. However, this article will give you a new twist. We are considering the causes and how we can correct it. We have to know how we can help those people suffering the pain to get some idea of the different back pain solutions they can use to relieve their pain.

Learn The Good and Proper Posture

We have known that one of the main causes of back pain is bad posture. As such, we have to learn and know it by heart what are the common practices of proper posture that we can apply in our day to day activities

 Balance is the secret of carrying. When carrying, feet must be at least 2 inches apart

 When lifting, always bend your knees and keep back straight

 When carrying, you should carry close to your body

 Push object, and not pull

 When lowering down to fix bed, bend with knees and feet must be apart to maintain balance while back should be kept straight

Always face the direction of your work

 Computer screens should be at arm's length & slightly below eye level

 Never slouch when sitting and standing

 When driving, always try to stop once in a while when you are on long journey and try to keep your arms bent to help prevent any neck strain

 The ideal position for sitting at a desk is in an adjustable chair with your knees below your hips & with good back support. Remember to take short breaks

 Never over reach so place all your things on your desk

Different Type of Back Supports

Zero Gravity Chair

If you want to reduce the stress on your spine, you can use a zero gravity recliner to relax your back. With your feet raised to the same level as your heart, back pain will be lessen because of the absence of gravity.

Posture Chair

Its structure allows proper posture and back muscles are fit too well. It also prevents back aches as the back is well supported with thick pad.

Inversion Table

    It helps relieve the pain in the back, sciatic pain and muscle spasms
    It stretches back and muscles
    Increases body flexibility
    It gently relaxes the spine
    Improves circulation and oxygenation to the brain

Nubax Trio

It provides temporary relief from your back and improves posture. It holds the spine in neutral position. Nubax Trio can be used anywhere and anytime if you like. If you want to watch television, you can use Nubax Trio at the same time.

Back2Life Machine

Simply lie back, relax, and soon you will be back in action. It helps to align the spine, relieve pressure on the back, discomfort, pain in the back, and improves mobility, all without stress or strain. You can also do this in the comforts of your home if you avail one. Do this when watching television shows to prevent boredom.

Exercises For Relieving Your Back Problems

Wall slides

    Stand straight with your back against a wall and feet apart.
    Slowly bend your knees, sliding your back down the wall, bend your knees at a 45 degree angle as much as possible. Do not bend too much as it increases strain on your knees.
    Hold this position for at least 5 seconds.
    Begin straightening your knees for a count of five and then slide up the wall until you are fully upright with knees straight
    Repeat the above steps five more times and do this 3 times weekly.

Prone Leg Raises

    Lie flat on your stomach
    Lift one leg from the ground at least 2 feet into the air
    Hold for 10 seconds
    Repeat with the opposite leg
    Repeat the above steps five more times

Standing Back Stretch

    Stand straight
    Place your hands on your back near the waist
    Bend back slowly, as far as tolerated, while your knees straight
    Hold this position for at least 5 seconds
    Repeat the above steps five more times
    Do three times per day

Back Stretch

    Lie on your back
    Slowly and gently pull your knees into your chest while lying on the ground
    Once in a fetal position, hold for approximately 30 seconds
    This stretch can really aid in lower back issues, and muscle spasms

Double Knee To Chest Stretch

    Lie on the floor on your back
    Keep your hands behind your knees and pull them in to your chest until you can feel a comfortable stretch in the lower back
    Keep back relaxed
    Hold in that position for as long as you can
    It helps relax the muscles and prevents pain

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