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Back Pain Prevention Tips

Back Pain Prevention Tips

At the minimum of at least one time in their life, eighty percent of the population, or four out of five people, will go through some type of back pain. Why is that? Why does it affect so many people throughout the population? Well, the biggest, and most obvious reason is that there are many different reasons for back pain. However, we are able to get around it with some careful thought, and planning.

 Don't stay in the same seat for a long period of time. If you are on a plane or train, try to get up and move around a bit-it will help with the pain.

 Don't pull items that are heavy-push them instead. Pulling heavy items not only strains muscles, but can pull your vertebrae out of place, too, if they are too heavy.

 Shoes that are flat, with no heels are the best thing to eliminate back pain. Allowing your back to follow its natural curve, instead of a forced curved brought on by heels, will help eliminate pain.

 Regular exercise will aid in lowering pain, as well as in keeping you healthy. Yes, yes-your doctor constantly preaches to you about regular exercise for a number of reasons-and this would be one of them!

 When lifting anything that is even remotely heavy, use your knees to bend and help lift.

Staying in one place for any length of time does not help anyone, in a number of different ways, but especially with back pain. So, if you can possibly avoid it, get up out of your seat, and move around as often as possible.

Your body's muscles use different types of movements to achieve the goal of moving something. So, if you are faced with a heavy item that just has to be moved, push it, don't pull it. Pushing the item is much easier on the muscles and joints within your body than pulling on it would be.

Flat shoes, when back pain is involved, are honestly the best thing for anyone to have. As previously stated, a forced curve that heels create will cause more pain for the person involved-so go for the flats. OK, they may not make you look as good, but your back will feel tons better. It is true, high heels give women that, well, sexy, curvy leg-but the backache that goes along with them is no fun!

Regular exercise, while boring to most people, is necessary for a reason. By building the muscles in your body, and especially in your back, there will be less pain involved if some type of injury happens to you. Recovery time will be easier, and usually less, too. However, keep in mind that regular exercise is NOT defined as once or twice a week for fifteen minutes or less. Regular exercise is at least four to five times a week at a bare minimum-preferably daily-for at least thirty minutes a day.

Knee bending to lift heavy items-yes, it sounds dorky, it's true. But, it honestly will save your back. Why? Think about how much stress is put on your back when bending over to pick up something heavy. Instead of bending at the waist, bend at the knees instead, and give your body better leverage to move the heavy item. The physics behind moving the item is not only easier, but the muscles in your back will learn to feel better, too. Sure, it will take some time to re-learn lifting heavy items this way, but your back will thank you in the long run

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