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Back Pain - 10 Common Causes

Back Pain - 10 Common Causes

Back pain is an extremely common occurrence for many people in today's modern society. Studies show that over 50% of the adult population will have experienced back ache lasting for more than 24 hours. Studies also show that over 80% will also have experienced back pain or a back injury at some time in their lives and even half of that figure will have had a succession of back problems over a period of time. Some will have had surgery and approximately another 10% will find that their condition has become chronic

It is worth noting that in the majority of back pain cases the condition is not serious and will quite often disappear as quickly has it appeared. However because of the immense number of people who are affected by back pain, the cost in lost productivity to industry and the burden to the healthcare sector is vast. An even higher price is paid by the sufferer who has persistent back problems, because this in turn will have a detrimental effect on the quality of life, whether that's family or social

Back pain is not caused by one isolated activity or incident, but a culmination of many years of taking your back for granted and not considering the long term issues that may occur. We perhaps don't realise how reliant we are when comes to our backs, everything we do, will to a certain degree require the use of our back. So looking after your back is paramount and it's wise to be aware of what you do on a daily basis to avoid the possible causes and triggers that set off back pain

Common Causes

There are many factors that can contribute towards a back pain and in most cases it's quite often difficult to find or identify the single cause. These possible factors are varied, although many of them are related to each other to a certain extent

Past history of Back Pain- If you have suffered previously from back ache, you are more than likely going to be susceptible again

Overweight and Diet- Being overweight, will put a lot of strain on the back muscles, however you can protect your back by paying attention to what you eat, maintaining a healthy diet is not only good for your overall health but will help prevent back injuries

Sitting- Slouching or sitting awkwardly and incorrectly in chairs is a common cause

Standing- Standing for long periods of time or standing awkwardly

Heavy Physical Work- Bending, twisting, lifting, pulling, pushing will all put strain and stress on the back

Stress- Tension in the muscles of the back, resulting in back pain can sometimes be the result of stress

Depression - This can be an issue if you already suffer from back ache. Back pain can make you depressed and this often leads to weight gain, which in turn can put more strain on the back

Sleeping- It is possible to suffer from back ache whilst asleep, poor support from an old or sagging mattress may result in back stiffness when you awake

Smoking - Smoking has been cited as damaging tissue in the back. Smokers tend to have a less healthy lifestyle than non-smokers

Driving- Driving for long periods of time without a break. Driving in an hunched position or sitting too close to the steering wheel

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