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3 Suggestions For Dealing With Chronic Lower Back Pain

 3Suggestions For Dealing With Chronic Lower Back Pain

If you have pain in your lower back which is there always then let me show you how you can eliminate this pain and bring comfort to your sleeping again. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep but half-way through the night you awake with "lower chronic back pain". I know, I have been there suffering, putting on soothing lotion, trying heat or ice packs, then trying to go back to sleep with an ice pack stuck under your back. Let me tell you that I know what this pain is all about, literally crawling down steps to get downstairs so I could go to work. Then dealing with back pain while driving to work in the morning, does this sound like you also? If this sounds like what you are experiencing then try these suggestions below

    Inversion Therapy-Inversion therapy has been proven to help relieve many types of back and neck pain. Hanging upside down may not sound to inviting to you right at this moment but I would be willing to bet that you will try anything to help relieve your agonizing discomfort. Other benefits from inversion therapy include: helps avoid old age shrinkage, improves your circulation, helps relieve stress, helps your brain by increasing oxygen levels to increase mental awareness, and greatly improves posture by realigning the spine

    Trigger Point Therapy-A simple explanation of what trigger points are: they are masses of muscles that have been disturbed causing debilitating pain and suffering. Most of the times expensive trips to the chiropractor or massage therapist can give relief by concentrating on these trigger points. There is a relative new self-treatment system using a trigger point board where you lie down on a set of pre-determined pegs that focuses on your muscle knots by using your own body weight to massage these muscle knots. If you are experiencing reoccurring pain in your lower back it is probably do to a trigger point

    Exercising-A dreaded word to most of us, but an alternative to the two I have mentioned above. By utilizing chronic lower back pain exercises you can relieve those knife like sharp pains. There are many videos available through my website showing you the proper way to exercise for chronic lower back pain. These exercises are specifically designed for people suffering from chronic or ongoing pain

These suggestions may not be for everyone, but if you have tried other methods and nothing seems to help, the 3 proven treatments that I have discussed here are for you to try to help you eliminate your lower back chronic pain once and forever. Having good nights sleep can mean many added days to your life-time

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