Lower Back pain


The Cure For Lower Back Pain

The Cure For Lower Back Pain

The cure for lower back pain is within your reach.

The causes of lower back pain are conflicts of depreciation, and often involves anger about money issues. An example of this would be feelings of failure of being unable to support your family due to poor pay or job loss or feelings of injustice over loosing money from investments.

Lower back pain may be caused by sexual guilt. Perhaps your spouse treats you badly, or you do not feel that they support you. Feelings of lack of support or not being backed up by coworkers or family can also aggravate the problem.

Once you have resolved your emotional issue, you are on your way to recovery.

The causes I write about here are generalities, as I find that every vertebrae has its own flavor of associated conflicts. This being the case, be sure to ask your doctor or chiropractor exactly which vertebrae are involved with your pain.

If the bone and discs are not involved, the source of the pain is most likely involved with the muscular or connective tissue. Usually in these cases, when I help you to resolve the conflict, the pain vanishes instantly.

Mesodermic tissues are involved. Therefore, in the conflict active phase, painless necrosis, or tissue breakdown occurs. You may feel a sense of weakness in your lower back.

In the healing phase swelling of a disc, or recalification, takes over. This is, of course, painful. Lower back pain can become chronic if the conflict is not completely resolved or wavers between conflict and resolution.

Typical case:

Steve, age thirty-seven, had chronic lower back pain. He worked in a low paying factory job. He was unhappy that he could not afford to buy a home. He thought is was unfair that his long hours were not appreciated by his wife, as she tended to blow their money buying “useless trinkets”.

He would think from time to time that “all labor is honorable”, and that the general economy is inherently unfair. Then he would accept this and the healing phase would restart with the associated pain.

He would look at homes, longing to own his own, and the conflict active phase would restart, and the pain would stop. This cycle, or syndrome, was the cause of his chronic lower back pain.

I helped him to resolve the issues, and taught him how to do acupuncture for back pain on himself. He found this cure for lower back pain really worked

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