Lower Back pain


Severe Arthritis in Lower Back

Severe Arthritis in Lower Back
It's amazing the amount of specifically women in the West who are going through the rigors of arthritis in the back at such an early age. Where the rate at which the spread of the disease, one would expect to happen at least after the age of 70.
Of course men also suffer from the same symptoms, but the young women in the West and especially are having a quality of life stripped of them as soon as in the late 30's and early 40's.
Just when you're starting a family and a new chapter in your life, and various forms of arthritis, such as spondylosis (osteoarthritis of the spine) or bursitis of the lower spine, and causing women very quickly, whereas before this they may also have lived with fibromyalgia, costochronditis the or degenerative disc disease.
Obviously, arthritis of the spine differs somewhat to the knee or arthritis hand though they all have a degree of pain, but when the disease begins in the back, then down to the lower back - the path that the disease often takes is one which leads to the genitals which makes your control almost useless.
This is likely to happen, unfortunately, if you have damage to the pudendal nerve, and the nerve that runs down through the tail bone, through aid and ends in the genitals, where arthritis will interfere with the possibility of everything here.
It is clear that this is the worst case scenario, but it is all very likely, especially if you're only in your 40, so that treatment can be taken to slow the disease down and in a way help him to go into remission if possible.
The treatment of arthritis in the lower back
NSAID and injecting
You can take this but beware the long-term use is not recommended because of the violent nature of it can cause in your internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and heart.
Quite commonly used in three NSAID for back pain is Rituxan, Bextra and methotrexate.
Also provide a quick solution for injection pain, which often is used steroid cortisone to reduce the swelling in the moment.
Now if you are from the United States will know that if you do not have some sort of insurance, and either will or you will not be able to afford this.
Surgery is very expensive but it is clear that they do not differ from one country to another.
The first step of this procedure is to see a neurosurgeon, which costs $ 200 - $ 400, will cost surgery and then $ 10'000 - $ 25'000 and hospital fees may be worth between $ 30'00-50'000.
This is the way in which Canadians damage costs in the United States and the Europeans and other countries may or may not be able to undergo surgery free, depending on the health care system.
Surgery will fix what needs to remove or damage the bombing of the spine but obviously it will not stop the disease, just maybe slow down and make possible the pain again.
Homeopathic supplements and natural remedies
Recorded the FDA supplements in the United States and more than the counter pill in Europe and outside work a little differently than NSAIDs.
It helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, but also try to restore some intensity to the bone while slowing the disease by restricting this autoimmune disease attacking the bone.
This is something that in the NSAID can not be done.
Homeopathic ingredients include magnesium and calcium to rebuild the skeleton, Rishi and glucosamine complex, to slow down the rate at which the disease spreads and Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM and headlamp to reduce swelling and flare-ups.