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Pregnancy Back Pain Relief

Pregnancy Back Pain Relief

Many women suffer from back pain during pregnancy and knowing how to deal with it can often lead to more stress which in turn makes the discomfort even harder to bear. When the pain does get too much it is easy to just curl up in bed and hope that it just goes away. However, rest like this should only be done for short periods of time as it is now known that by lying down for a long time actually makes the pain feel worse. Pregnancy back pain relief is best achieved by exercise and as much activity as possible.

When considering what kind of exercise to embark on, it is always a sensible idea to talk to a midwife or doctor first. There are certain situations when exercise might not be the best course of action to take and they will be able to advise you about this before you even start. Pregnancy back pain relief can be achieved by doing various simple exercises which include stretching. This helps make back muscles and leg muscles more flexible. However, this type of stretching should be done carefully to avoid any extra pressure or strain on joints.

Many specialists recommend prenatal yoga as a way to stay more supple and it does also improve balance. By far one of the most favoured exercises is swimming because it strengthens abdominal and lower back muscles really effectively. Swimming exercises help to relax your muscles. This is thought to help with back pain associated with pregnancy. Walking is one of the best things you can do during a pregnancy for the simple reason that does not require maximum effort and is something that is easy to plan and do on a daily basis.

There are a certain number of women who really suffer from lumbar pain when they are pregnant. Pelvic tilts ease this type of back pain as it stretches muscles as well as strengthening them over a period of time. You have to make sure you do any exercise safely, should you feel uncomfortable in any way you should stop and try some other form of exercise. Your body will soon tell you if you are overdoing it or if the exercise just does not suit you. In brief, listen to what your body is telling you. If you have any doubts about an exercise always consult either your doctor or your midwife and get their expert advice before continuing with it. Keeping a good posture is also essential to relieving back pain. This may sound a hard thing to achieve but the effort pays dividends, so it is important to concentrate your attention of just how you are standing or sitting.

A lot of pregnant women who suffer from back pain try acupuncture to alleviate the discomfort. This form of pain relief stimulates the body's own natural way of dealing with the pain, but it has been shown that although a high percentage of women experienced less pain after the treatment, a small percentage did not feel any difference whatsoever. The thing to remember is that it may take several visits to an acupuncturist in order to feel any benefit from the treatment.

Chiropractors too can play a vital role when it comes to back pain during pregnancy as they can realign joints and especially the spine which in turn relieves nerve pressure that may be causing discomfort. Lumbar support pillows are very effective, especially if you have to sit down for long periods of time. Another good idea is to position a stool under a desk so that you can keep your legs elevated, this will ease any back pressure.

A maternity support belt supports abdominal muscles and is effective if you have to stand up for long spells. They help improve posture and this decreases lower back pressure. When choosing the type of belt, it is best to keep to the simpler ones that are designed with one band around the hips or ones that have a bust and shoulder strap which will provide all over back pain relief.

At the end of the day regular daily exercise will provide the best pregnancy back pain relief. Staying active and setting up a regular exercise routine will not only alleviate the discomfort but will get you in shape too. You are eating for two but the exercise will help you burn off unnecessary calories that make you gain weight. This could be a contributing factor for the back pain you may be experiencing.

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