Lower Back pain


Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most common type of people from the pain that it could suffer through a middle age and young people, aged between 25 and 55. Will be 80% of the population experience lower back pain during their lives. So, it is very important to understand the activities, which may prolong or exacerbate an episode of lower back pain, and also what to expect when you seek physical therapy.
Physical therapy is one of the techniques that deal with the pain caused by conditions of physical exercises. This will be helpful in many cases this is a very good choice, because it does not require any medical or surgical intervention, patients can find a lot of pain relief.
In general, the goal of this treatment is to reduce the level of back pain, and improve the level of functionality, and also provide education on a maintenance program to stop further recurrence
Passive treatment

There are many forms of physical therapy. The therapist focuses on reducing pain with passive treatmentThese types of treatments such as therapy because these are negative for the patient

• Ice or heat packs

• Iontophoresis

• tens of units

• ultrasound

Active treatment
In addition to the negative treatments, therapy should Active also to rehabilitate the spine.
Normally, you should include the return of the patient's exercise program the following groups

• Strengthening

• aerobic exercises with low impact

There are many advantages of lower back pain physiotherapy. This will increase the speed of healing and also provides relief from pain. For the best result, it is necessary to continue treatment for several days.
Lumbar physical therapy is the best way to deal with back pain without taking the risk of dangerous chemicals, which can occur as a result of the use of drugs, and without the need for surgical procedures and interventions.
Before getting physical therapy for lower back pain, it is best to consult a doctor, who examines and determines the actual nature of this problem exists. He might give you some helpful suggestions to get relief from the pain. Usually give advice physiotherapy by a health care provider or doctor.
It uses natural treatment for lower back pain also to treat people who are disabled in practice because of the pain, which they are unable to work normally. For these people, a combined program of exercise and physical therapy treat them on two levels. The program can exercise stretches the muscles and restore normal functions. To prevent further recurrence of pain, and can continue this process until after you get relief from pain