Lower Back pain


Lower Right Back Pain

Lower Right Back Pain
Back pain is a very common condition, and one that often suffer from visiting their doctor to get treatment for. The patient is looking for solutions, or at a minimum of information on the problems you are experiencing. The doctor may not be able to provide information.
Lower right back pain Information
Is make a backup copy of the vertebral column and paragraph in the spine and nerves, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and this makes the structure of the rear area of ​​the body incredibly flexible and mobile, but small changes in any of these components of the back can cause the return of become unbalanced, causing pain .Can occur following problems that would cause such imbalances:

Tense muscles
Torn ligaments
Joint stiffness
Joint damage / injuries
Disk issues
Nerve compression / irritation
Bone fractures
It is very common to experience stiffness, aching or pain in the lower back, bottom right or bottom left again. The reason is that the issues are common because the lower back is vulnerable since it is used when lifting, and can be put through the balance position again must also support the upper part of the body. This fact also leads to higher risk of age-related wear and tear of the presence, as we get older.
As mentioned earlier, the back pain lower right can be caused by poor technique lifting, poor posture, or sports injuries, since the lower right and lower left back is made up of many muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, bones, and this is a decent movements can cause injury or inflammation in one or more of these structures, which leads to lower back pain right.
There are three types of muscles that occur on a widespread reaction to the spine, and that is the flexor and extensor muscles and oblique. Flexor muscles help you to bend forward, or bend the spine, which would occur during lifting, for example. Right flexor muscle may cause lower back pain right and left flexor can also cause low back pain due to a bug that right may be the cause of left flexor ago.
May become extensor muscles, which are found in the back muscles and less brigades and allows you to sit up straight, extend the spine too tired, or cause tension wrench. Extensors may become lower right or left less inflamed or injured and cause back pain.
Oblique muscles, which attach to the sides of the spine, and allows rotation of the spine, which allows you to convert. Injury or tense these muscles can cause a large number of problems because of the imbalances that are likely to happen.
In addition to simple muscle strain, can cause injuries to the ligaments and joints, and bones can also cause muscle pain. If one of these structures is a cut or sore, and back muscles can go into spasm, which greatly limits your movement, and cause pain in the lower part of the right of return.
Stress is a common cause of pain in the right lower back. Stress will make your back muscles tighten. This happens every muscle in the body, and we are moving to the "fight or flight" response. The muscles that are tightened lack the energy they need to support the spine. If the tension is frequent, and the failure to take measures immediately to ease, it can lower back pain right to develop easily.
Severe lower right back pain
Right lower back pain that lasts more than two weeks is a period or if the pain is severe and not ease for a week, or you experience numbness or tingling, then you should get immediate medical advice. It may mean that there is a need to rest, or to take down inflammatory medication or a combination of tests must be done to find out why. While the rest may be recommended, it is still a good idea to do a small amount of exercise, 30 minutes a day if possible, to prevent muscle weakness, or joints from seizing up.
If the muscles weaken, they do not protect or return to fully supports, and thus may lead to further damage unnecessary. The rest / severe back pain cycle continues, with the situation became worse each time, unless careful to prevent the cycle from continuing.
Symptoms of the right lower back pain
To be able to cure fully and quickly back pain, you need to be aware of the causes of the right lower back pain, and symptoms that may be experienced. This could involve an understanding of what pain is felt in the kind of pain, and the severity of this pain. Is this a step pain around, or is it concentrated in one area?
Numbness in the buttocks or extend to the lower leg - you may have a herniated disc - see your doctor immediately. This can also be caused by sciatica trapped nerve, in which case you may want to consider consulting a chiropractor.
Pain from twisting or bending? - You've pulled muscles, or you may have a herniated disc - see your doctor.
Blood in the urine - you may have a kidney problem. See a doctor immediately.

Right lower back pain treatment
Can be helped through the pain for a stronger muscles more capable of movement in the back, because they will be better able to support the spine and prevent further issues.If stiff spine, and not in the neutral position, it is useful to visit a chiropractor to get your spine back towards the neutral position. This course of treatment is not going to happen immediately, but it really does work.
Gentle exercise in the beginning, to build strength in the back should be performed, and there is nothing that causes severe pain. You're doing it wrong, or you have another issue if that happens, in this case the doctor's visit. It should also be accompanied by any exercise of gentle stretching both before and after exercise