Lower Back pain


Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is a problem that is faced by an increasing number of persons and most of us at one time or another has experienced such pain. It can be very serious if it is persistent. In the majority of cases, simple back pain may result from a bad sleep position or extra stress being placed on the back. Such pains often are relieved after a few hours but sometimes you may experience intense lower back pain that could be the result of a more underlying problem

Maybe you never had any complaints or pains, but then you are pregnant and all of a sudden you have back complaints. Especially in the lower back area, meaning pregnancy induced lower back pain.
Your first reaction is probably to take it more easily. After all, your body is sending a signal and you are pregnant, so you don't want to force anything.
So if you are vacuuming, you make sure you stand upright. If you lift something, you make sure you don't strain your back too much. Your high heels are staying in the closet for a while.
But it's still inconvenient. Especially if you are still working or raising kids. Some things just need taken care of, pregnant or not.
The result often is nagging lower back pain...

Harmless causes for lower back pain during pregnancy

Even in normal back pain conditions (outside child bearing), most back pains are benign though sufferers are alarmed at frequency and the intensity of the attacks. So it’s not surprising at the alarm rate of expectant mothers experiencing lower back pain during pregnancy. Below are some common symptoms associated with back pain when pregnant

Cure therapy for back pain

Often there are many different cures for lower back pain. Different types of treatment can be administered to relieve the patient of the pain. Such treatment can be as simple as applying heat and ice to reduce the muscle spasm and any inflammation if necessary. Other treatment may involved exercise therapy, yoga, acupuncture, massage, back pain can be acute or chronic. When there is persistent chronic back pain, medication sometimes can be provided. Highly addictive prescriptions have often been used for such circumstances. For acute pain, medication such as muscle relaxants can be administered in the short term. The best method for treating back pain is to seek and reduce the intensity of the pain as quickly as possible. Not any treatment that you use may be efficient. It may sometimes require trying different treatment methods to see which provide the best result. Intense lower back pain when acute or chronic should be treated to reduce the pain to a much more acceptable level so that long term solution can be sought. When no other solution seems to work, surgery often is used as last resort.

Constipation, Flatulence and Bloating

If your back pain is accompanied by any of these embarrassing conditions, this is perfectly normal. As your uterus grows, the action tends to create pressure on the surrounding organs, pushing them aside. This effect makes your digestion process slow. Therefore, if digested food is slower to pass through the gut, the bacteria that reside on your intestine will feast on this matter and the resulting chemical reaction will produce gas. Normally, people swallow air every time. They expend it by burping or if trapped rather miserably, the air is pushed towards the colon where the air awaits eventual release as flatus. However, during pregnancy your body will release progesterone, a hormone that relaxes smooth muscles including the gastrointestinal tract. In turn, this hormone also slows down your digestive system. All in all, gases do form during pregnancy (quite a lot sometimes!), so if these conditions bother you, be assured that at least it is perfectly normal, no matter how embarrassing it may seem at the time

Reasons for having back pain

There may be many different reasons why you may feel back pain. It is almost very serious if the cause is diagnosed as being tissues of the spine. Some cause of back pain can be strain on the skeletal muscles, muscles imbalances. Another potential cause which has been noted as being the primary cause of many chronic lower back pains is that of the synovial joints of the spines. Other causes of back pain involve osteoarthritis, cancer, infection, degenerative disc disease. It is always prudent to see a doctor when having intense lower back pain so that these more serious cases can be diagnosed early.

Why Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy?m

Why is it that when you are pregnant, you all of a sudden develop back complaints?
A lot goes on in your body when you are pregnant. You get fatigued faster than usual, or you are nauseous. Being pregnant takes a lot of energy out of you.
So it is not surprising that you notice changes in your body (aside from your belly swelling up...).
Where do these complaints come from?
Of course you get heavier. Causing more strain on your back. Those extra pounds will have to be carried around. Your back didn't ask for this...
Because you are getting heavier, you start to walk and stand differently. Your posture changes, the pressure on your muscles changes, and before you know it you feel pain in your back and pelvis

Round Ligament Pain

These muscle groups hold your uterus to your pelvis. As your uterus grows to accommodate the baby so does the round ligament. They thicken and stretch to support the uterus. These changes can cause pain though the intensity varies between different expectant mothers. While some may experience it as a dull tickling and continuous sensation, in general it is a brief sharp pain when you do sudden movement or if engaged in an activity. This pain shouldn’t last long, at most a few seconds to a full minute. The best thing to do is prevent sudden movement, as this can ‘jolt’ the ligament which causes round ligament pain.
Remember, many factors causes lower back pains, pregnant or not. So do consider other areas such as hernia and appendicitis. If you have an especially nasty lower back pain during pregnancy, especially if accompanied by bleeding, spotting, fever, chills or others, call for professional help immediately.

How Do You Prevent Back Complaints When You Are Pregnant?m

During pregnancy, the joints around the pelvis become more flexible. And as a result your si-joint might go slightly out of kliter. And this will definitely cause back problems or pain in the pelvis. It helps to do exercises that strengthen the stabilizing muscles in the back.
Stabilizing back muscles are the muscles that lie deeper in the back, around the spine. During pregnancy, it is good to exercise especially these muscles. And it is equally important to do some rotational exercises with your legs, focused on the pelvis and si-joint, quietly coercing that whole area to stay aligned during the growing of your babay in your womb and all that comes with that as far as pressure on your pelvic area is concerned.
It's also possible that you develop a wrong posture during pregnancy. For instance because you may develop an inclination to bend forward a little bit because of your swollen belly. This often happens unnoticed. So it may help if somebody alerts you about this.
Look in the mirror. Not just to see your belly grow, but also to look at your posture. Has your posture changed since you got pregnant?
Your posture is very important, especially during pregnancy. Keep standing and walking upright. So: head up and shoulders backward.
Sometimes the back pain occurs only at the end of the day. After all the strain of the day, your back is tired and needs rest. Simply indulge. Lying down for a little bit, or doing some relaxing exercises, can and most often will do miracles

Prevention measures

Cures for lower back pain can be found plentiful but it is always best to take preventive measure so that you do not have to deal with the problem. In extreme cases, lower back pain can be very serious. Often exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga and Pilates can make the back muscle strong. You should also avoid putting your back into to much stress. By taking precautions, simple back pains can be avoided.