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Deadlift Lower Back Pain

Can deadlifts cause low back pain

Does this exercise do more harm than good?n

: Introduction

Deadlifts are a physical exercise that can be of great benefit to you, if you do it right. It works all the muscles in the body when accompanied by squats. Many people do this exercise enthusiastically but without proper guidance. The tragedy happens when you get low back pain from a deadlift. What you can be sure about is that if you experience pain while doing deadlift exercises, you are most probably exercising the wrong way
  : Technique
You can technically classify deadlifts as an exercise that involves pulling. If you do not pull without involving the hips and glutes, what you are doing in effect is placing stress on the lower back. The correct way to do the exercise is to extend the hips when you pull yourself back up. Start by using the heels to push. When you have brought the bar to your knees, push the hips to the front. This is a more safe way to do the exercise.

 :When Lifting Any Weights, Remember This

When lifting a weight, any weight, your spine gets the full impact of the weight. 
A human being will always place all the weight on the spine and cause lower back injury as a result, in many cases.
 Keep your back straight while you lift the barbell.
 Hold your upper back in a neutral position to remedy this situation.
An exaggerated lockout that results from leaning back is not good. 
All the arching and rounding could cause stress being put on the lower back. A repeat of this many times may bring on hernias. Keep the bar as close to you as possible, thereby giving better leverage.

Supporting Your Lower Back
When it comes to protecting your back and promoting good posture in general, it is a good idea to think about a brace. These braces will promote good posture and help to stop you from doing movements that can cause you pain. If you have pain before, during or after exercising, it is time to contact your local, licensed orthotist. These individuals can get you a high quality brace support that can help to keep you health. This kind of support should not be overlooked.
Note: This is health information. When it comes to medical advice on lifting then you should primarily consult a trainer. When it comes to braces for support it is best to get medical advice from your local, licensed orthotist.
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