Lower Back pain


Causes of Sharp Lower Back Pain

Causes of Sharp Lower Back Pain
More than 80 million Americans suffer from low back pain every year. Whether caused by motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries or simply from overuse, and the effects of this type of pain can be debilitating to even the most sports person. In order to achieve as soon as possible recovery from back injury, but it is important to understand what kind of events causing acute lower back pain compared to a more chronic type of mild pain.
The cause severe lower back pain usually by a sudden event, such as a car accident, or even a simple event, such as lifting an object that is too heavy to be able to manage by yourself. Acute pain that occurs during such cases because of damage to one or more of the body's tissues surrounding the bones of the spine. The most common tissue damage to these types of injuries, in order, are the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and nerves.
Muscles are most easily shock tissue in the spine. They are responsible for maintaining the balance of the spine and movement. However, when the pressure is spinal muscular than their normal physiological, and tearing of the muscle fibers occurs. Microtearing is what happens during sprains and usually do not leave any other obvious signs of pain. Macrotearing often leads to bruising around the site of injury due to leakage of blood from the torn muscle tissue.
Ligaments and tendons are also sources of acute lower back pain. Some traumatic events can cause such a force to be applied to tissue and ligaments can also tear or rip their attachment points on the bone. This is a more serious injury and could require often surgery to correct the problem. Both ligament and tendon injuries as well as muscle injuries often can be diagnosed with a simple bone tests.
Damaged bone can also be a source of acute back pain sudden. Compression fractures in the elderly and those individuals with osteoporosis are the usual targets for this type of damage. Bone matrix without the presence of sufficient of trabeculae calcium is fragile and weak, and can be relatively easy to fail with a slight decrease or even a moderate increase. X-ray, CT scan or bone scan can identify the exact area of ​​the break. Depending on its severity, and the break may be left alone to heal on its own or may require interventions in an attempt to stabilize the height of the bone in the spine and prevent future cracking.
Nerve damage causing acute lower back pain requires immediate medical attention. Has designed these muscles, ligaments and bones all to protect nerves, and when they failed, and nerves become damaged, and time is of the essence in the stability of the injury to get the best results. And signs of nerve damage include muscle weakness or paralysis, numbness and tingling in the legs or feet, or even the loss of bowel or bladder function. If this happens, seek emergency medical help immediately.
See your doctor immediately if you suffer from a back injury recently. Acute low back pain has many causes, but with proper diagnosis and relief and healing is just around the corner