Lower Back pain


Back Pain Tips

Back Pain Tips

Back pain is one of the most common problems and if not acted upon, might lead to serious life threatening conditions. This is because the spine, which is a very sensitive part of the nervous system, is located in your back. In most cases, this pain in the back is related to the spine. It might be as a result of it being under too much pressure or being misaligned. It is therefore advisable to take the pain serious and seek medical attention as soon as you experience it. It might go a long way in preventing paralysis or any other condition brought about by damage of the spine or the nervous system.

It is approximated that different people of different ages, gender and occupation experience some sort of back pain at some point in their lives. It all narrows down to how you treat your back. In whatever you do, ensure that your back is well taken care of to prevent conditions related to it in the future. In some other cases, there is nothing much one can do to prevent the pain.

Motherhood comes with some aches and pains here and there before the little bundles of joy join the world. In this case, back pain is one of the most complained about illnesses. It may start off on the onset of the pregnancy or later on when it starts to show. When the belly protrudes, a lot of pressure is put in the back to support the growing weight of both the mother and the fetus. At times, this might be too much for your back to bear putting it in to consideration that it is also trying to adapt to the new changes. When the baby finally joins the world and needs to be carried around, more pressure is put on the back. A suitable baby carrier should be high enough and offer enough support of the back. This way the shoulders are not forced to slouch forward and assert pressure on the back in the struggle to stand straight. When breastfeeding the baby, the position of the mother may lead to some back pain. Instead of bending forward to get to the baby's level which is low, lift the baby up to the breast level and maintain a straight back.

Lifting excess weight off the ground with the incorrect posture will definitely lead to this kind of pain. One needs to ask for assistance when doing so to reduce the weight. You can also manage to maintain a healthy back if you squat instead of bending when lifting the weight. Keep your knees apart for optimal support and balance. It is also a great idea to stretch a bit in order to keep your body flexible and at ease throughout the process. Take your time and lift one box at a time to give your back a break otherwise you're in for a lot of pain.

Always remember that your back plays some of the major roles in your body. Treating it right and taking the necessary precautions to ensure of its safety is quite necessary. In case of injury, take enough rest to recover and seek medical advice when the pain strikes

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