Lower Back pain


lower back pain : The Body’s Solution

The Body’s Solution

The body does have a solution for fibrin

 In addition to regulating
inflammation, they also break down fibrin so it can be
whisked away with the rest of the waste. When we’re younger,
we have plenty of these enzymes to do their work, and our
bodies, once they’re healed, remain as flexible and springy as
they were beforeAs we grow older, however, the body doesn’t produce as
many of these enzymes—plus they’re overworked trying to
deal with all the inflammation inside us—so we have fewer
enzymes to break down the fibrin. Thus, the scar tissue
remains, where it can continue to cause stiffness and more
Since these enzymes also help block pain-producing
messengers (prostaglandins), having fewer enzymes means
we’re going to experience more of the pain our bodies signal
In other words, that operator in the spinal cord is going to
send more and more pain messages through to the brain,
rather than letting a few slide, as it might do when there are
more enzymes around. The brain will be assaulted with pain
message after pain message, and there’s no button to silence
the ring