Lower Back pain


Lower Back Exercises for Women

Lower Back Exercises for Women

Most of us really live a hectic fast-paced life, from morning till night we are tied in our schedule and appointments. We don't have time for anything or anyone in this world, especially for ourselves. We ignore ourselves and we ignore our health. Our body needs at least ½ hour of physical activity daily, and we often fail to give it that. This stress and physical exhaustion takes a toll on our body and affects us, especially our backs. Now even if you don't agree, overall, women work more than men. A working woman has to shoulder professional and personal responsibilities at the same time, and this becomes very difficult. With the busy schedule, irregular eating habits and lack of exercise makes our body more weak and exhausted

Weak muscles are one of the prime causes of back pain, especially the lower back. The back is supported by various muscles which include the muscles of the back, abdomen, and buttocks. People nowadays are crazy about getting six pack abs, and hence they concentrate only on their abdominal muscles. However, most of them forget that great abs come from great back muscles, and they should also concentrate on back exercises. Lower back exercises ensure a strong back which is the best way to get strong core muscles and an attractive body

Best Lower Back Exercises for Women

Lower back pain really makes you helpless at times. You become a vegetable who just can't do anything. Now there are two things that you can do here; you can lie down and let it happen again or you can start doing some lower back pain exercises to make sure you have a strong back. Here are some of them

Dead Lift

Most women prefer having the V shaped body. However, most of them forget that getting a slim waist, toned legs and broad shoulder muscles depend on a lot upon lower back exercises. Dead lift is great for women who are looking to lose their tummy fat. It's a great exercise for the lower back as it benefits other muscle groups and is also an excellent exercise for burning calories

Arm Pulldowns

Stand in an erect posture behind the lat pulldown machine and grab the bar with your arms. Now pull the bars to an extent when it touches your thighs, make sure while performing this motion your arms remain straight. This is one of the best lower back exercises with weights and works greatly to strengthen your back muscles

Hip Bridge

A highly recommended lower back exercise, hip bridge is easy and very effective. Lie straight on your back in a relaxed position. Make sure your feet are flat and hip-width apart. While lifting your hips, squeeze your butt muscles and bend your knees. Once you have lifted your hips, count till 12 and relax. Perform 6 to 5 repetitions


Gently pull your abs in and place your hands on hips. Take your right foot forward and make sure your knee is stretched down 90° angle. Now go back to the original standing position and perform for the other leg

Barbell High Rows

One of the best exercises to strengthen lower back, stand with your feet width apart and your torso bend so that it's parallel to the floor. Your hands should be at equal distance while holding the bar and shoulders should be pulled back, with knees slightly bent. Bent the elbows and slowly pull back the bar towards your chest, hold it for a second and let go slowly. Repeat sets as you desire

Row Exercises

You can do various types of row exercises. In most row exercises the main job is done by the shoulder muscles and the support provided by your back muscles. If you exercise in a fitness center, you have various cable machines to perform rows. At home, you can practice these exercises with a resistance band which are wrapped around the pole

Lat Pull Ups and Downs

Exercising your back muscles with pull ups and pull downs will ensure a strong back and a trimmed waist in a couple of months. Women who are new to fitness find these exercises too difficult but with the latest machines in the market lat pull ups and downs has become an easy task
Before doing any of the above given lower back exercises for women, I insist you perform some stretching exercises first. Make sure to consult a doctor if you've suffered from a muscle injury or back problem in the past

By Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
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