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High Back Pain Causes

High Back Pain Causes
Back pain is really irritating, isn't it? Nowadays, due to changing lifestyles and stress, back pain has become a common thing. And you can see plenty of people around, grumbling about the same. Lower or middle pain is the most commonly seen among the back pains, because the muscles and ligaments in this region are under much stress. High back pain is not that common, compared to lower or middle back pain, but cannot be ignored as it causes pain too! This article would help you understand high or upper back pain causes in detail. An understanding of the causes will indirectly help a person incorporate positive changes, that would subsequently help in tackling the pain


There are plenty of upper back pain causes which result in stress on the upper back muscles and the spinal cord. Some causes are minor, like - poor posture, use of heavy backpacks, etc. Other causes are quite serious, like muscle strain, stress, injuries to the back and head, some disorders and diseases, etc. A detailed discussion on the causes would follow next.

Improper Posture: Improper posture in the form of hunched shoulders and rounded back, is the chief reason for this pain, especially in people who sit before the computer for long hours or drive a vehicle for too long. A straight posture while walking and while sitting would help in preventing the pain. Some exercises also help to a certain extent. The use of comfortable chairs during office hours is also of utmost importance

Injuries: Trauma, which results from injury to the back or head can also transform itself into pain in the upper back. Owing to the injury, the pressure on the spinal cord increases, resulting in pain on the upper back

Stress: Stress is a bane on today's generation, and it is one of the causes for almost each and every medical condition, including this pain. When the body and mind is stressed, it unconsciously puts stress on the muscles, leading to a spasm and eventually pain

Heavy Backpacks: Heavy backpacks, specially the one which hangs on one side, result in load on the shoulders and the back, especially in students.

Other Causes

Scoliosis: Scoliosis is a disorder of abnormal curving of the spines. Along with other problems, it can also cause pain in the upper back

Osteoporosis: It is weakening of the bones, which results due to thinning of the bone tissue causing weakened muscles. Owing to the weakening of the muscles, the chances of a spine fracture increases, as the bones cannot bear the body weight. The constant injuries to the bones and muscles can eventually cause pain to the back

Degenerative Disk Disease: In the spine there are vertebra, and in between the vertebra there are disks that provide flexibility and cushioning to the spine. Due to aging and other factors like accidents, the disk between the vertebra can slip out

Angina: Angina is basically chest pain which occurs when the heart muscles fall short of blood. This results in pain in the chest. The person might also experience pain in the jaw, back, shoulders, neck, arms, etc.

Back pain during pregnancy is also a common occurrence, and it's also very normal, since the woman gains weight and there is also secretion of hormones that relaxes the muscles. The reason for pain is increase in pressure on the spine and back muscles, and certain exercises and posture changes are enough to mitigate the pain to some extent.

These were some of the causes for high back pain. There are plenty of treatment options for it. Physiotherapy, along with some medications, helps a long way. Yoga is also one of the ways that helps. Also, maintaining a proper posture throughout helps in the long run.

By Hemangi Harankhedkar
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