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Exercises for Lower Back Pain - Here Are the Top 3 Exercises

Exercises for Lower Back Pain - Here Are the Top 3 Exercises

Most people suffering with lower back pain also suffer with internal muscle injuries due to heavy weight lifting. Some people can experience lower back pain due to shortened and weak muscles. The best back exercises for lower back pain are the ones which combine the best exercise workouts from low impact aerobic workouts, stretching exercises and muscle strengthening workouts.

There are few effective back exercises for back pain such as swimming and walking that can provide muscle relaxation in the lower back area and can expedite the process of back strengthening. It is also important to improve muscle injuries and lengthen shortened muscles in the lower back area. Once you are able to reduce your pain, you will be able to achieve the proper body posture in a few days

3Best back exercises for lower back pain

The following are three important back exercises for back pain that should be performed under expert guidance of a physical trainer and there should be a minimum 5-10 reps every day to get the desired results in a few weeks

 1Perform reverse crunch exercise The reverse crunch workout focuses on lower abdominal area. First start this exercise by lying on your back and keep your feet in the air while keeping knees bent in the 90 degree angle. Now put your hands below your buttocks and make your back parallel to the ground. Now start exerting pressure on your lower abdominal area while lifting your buttocks above the ground. Hold your body in this position for few seconds and then slowly relax your body to normal position

 2Practice camel stretch exercise This camel stretch is one of the most effective stretching exercises that can reduce your back pain in few days with regular practice This exercise starts with a position where a person needs to lie down on the ground on the stomach. Then slowly make a position where your hands come under your shoulders and knees come under the hips. Now slowly start raising your hands and hips in the upward direction while your stomach stays on the ground. Remain in this position for few seconds and get back to original position thereafter

3Try basic twist exercise Basic twist is another efficient lower pain exercise that can produce the results much faster as compared to other back exercises. Lie down on the ground with your back touching the ground and keep your arms stretched in the outside direction. Now start breathing and bring your knees closer to the chest slowly. After few seconds, bring the knees back to the original position while you exhale slowly. Keep repeating this cycle while also repeating inhaling and exhaling at the same time

Try these 3 simple yet very effective back exercises in the comfort of your own home and get rid of your lower back pain in a few weeks permanently.

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