Lower Back pain


Burning Lower Back Pain

Burning Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be described as a form of back pain which is mainly felt in the area that lies below the ribs and up to the top of the legs at the back. The lower back region of our body has a complex structure. It consist of backbones (or vertebrae), muscles, ligaments, nerves that are exiting the spinal cord, intervertebral discs that provides cushion to the segments of spinal bones, and various soft tissues. Structural problem, inflammation, damage or injury to any of them can give rise to sharp back pain. Burning lower back pain often extends up to the buttocks and sometimes can be felt in the legs and foot as well. This back pain can affect men and women alike and people in the age group of 30 to 50 years are at a higher risk of suffering from it


There are various types of disease and injuries that can be responsible for burning lower back pain. The most commonly found causes are as follows

 The lower back portion of our body is susceptible to various forms of injury. The injury can be sustained by two different ways. If you have develop the pain all of a sudden, then it must have been caused by some trauma that leads to a tear in the muscles, a sprain in the ligament, or a rupture in the discs. Fractures in the vertebrae can occur due to a bad fall or car accidents and give pain. Overuse for a long period of time is another factor that can damage the muscles and the ligament

Degeneration of Bones

: Elderly people are mostly affected by this problem. With the increase in age, they suffer from a health disorder called osteoporosis which weakens the bone and makes them prone to fractures. In such a condition, even slight stress on the spine can cause it to fracture and one gets a localized burning pain in the vertebrae. Those who are taking cortisone injections for a long period of time can also suffer this kind of fractures


When the burning pain of the lower back moves up to the legs below the knee joint, then the condition is known as sciatica. This is not a disease. The nerve roots of the sciatic nerve originate at the spinal cord, which when pressed due to any reason, get irritated causing pain. Nerve roots get injured because of herniated discs or muscle spasms in the hip or degenerative disease like osteoarthritis


: During pregnancy, the muscles and ligaments lose their firmness because of hormonal changes and they get stretched excessively due to increase in body weight. Moreover, the head of the unborn baby tends to compress the spinal nerves. For all these reasons, pregnant women experience sharp lower back

Other Causes

Pain caused by kidney diseases or gallbladder diseases can
travel through the nerve and can be experienced as a burning pain of the lower back. This kind of pain is known as referred pain. Ankylosing spondylitis, bacterial infection of the spine, tumors of the spine and obesity are often found to have caused this type of pain


Proper rest provided to the back can bring about improvement in the symptoms. Application of a heating pad on the affected part can have a soothing effect on the burning sensation. This should be repeated several times in a day. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications are helpful for the purpose of pain management. However, consult your doctor before taking any such medicines. Physical therapy is beneficial for back pain relief. Once the pain subsides, you should do some exercises to increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles of the lower back area. If the pain is caused due to some underlying health problem, then it has to be treated with medicines to get rid of the pain. In certain rare cases, surgery may also required to correct the slipped disc problem

There are some measures that have to be taken for the prevention of searing lower back pain. Incorrect posture often triggers this kind of problem. Therefore, be careful while you lie on the floor, sit on a chair or lift heavy objects, to prevent damage in the lower back. Obese people should lose some weight in order to improve their posture

By Bidisha Mukherjee

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