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Back Stretches for Back Pain

How many of us have not suffered from back pain? One can benefit a lot from the stretches for back pain. Doing these stretches is not difficult and does not need any equipment. Scroll down to know the stretches.

Back pain is a 'routine' pain for a lot of us. It is caused due to various day-to-day activities. This is coupled with the weak back muscles. The muscles of the spine are the body's mechanism to support the spine against gravity. These muscles can become weak for various reasons and cause pain and injury in some cases. Therefore, doing the spinal stretches for back pain is necessary, as the exercises will be of great help in stretching all the main muscles located in the back. This in turn will help in preventing back pain and reducing stress induced back aches.

Stretches for Back Pain

Stretching the back benefits the muscles, ligaments and tendons located in the back, buttocks, spine and the legs. For desired results, you will have to be regular with the back stretches. The results may take some time, if the muscles are shortened or tightened. However, doing the back exercises will certainly bring back pain relief.

Back Flexion
It is a stretching exercises for lower back, as much as it is among the back stretches for middle back pain and upper back pain. To do this exercise, lie down on the mat and extend both your legs out straight. Simultaneously pull both the knees towards the chest and hold the knees with your hands. Now lift your shoulders off the floor and try to reach your forehead to the knee, till you feel the stretch in your upper, middle and lower back. Release and repeat this stretch again. It is best to do this stretch in the morning, as well as before going to bed to get rid of lower back pain.

Knee to Chest Stretch
This is one of the best back stretches for lower back pain. Like in the previous stretch, lie down on your mat. Bend your knees and place the feet on the floor. Place your hands behind the knee and try to bring both the knees towards the chest. You will feel a stretch in the gluteal muscles as much as you will feel the stretch in the lower back. This is one of the stretches for the lower back, which should be done everyday on waking up, as well as before going to bed.

Pelvic Tilt
This is another stretch for lower back pain. It helps in strengthening the lower abdominal muscles, as much as it stretches the lumbar spine. To do this lower back pain exercise, lie down on the floor, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. Exhale, contract the abdominal muscles as you push the belly button towards the floor and flatten your back. Hold the stretch for at least 10 to 15 seconds. When you are doing the pelvic tilt, ensure that your lower back is not raised off the floor.

Bridge Pose
This is one of the lower, middle and upper back stretches for back pain. It helps in strengthening the lower back, as much as the middle and upper back. It is also a great stretch to stabilize the spine. Lie down on the floor, bend your knees and place your legs closer to your buttocks. Now to do the back stretches for upper back pain, as well as middle and lower back, lift the buttocks off the floor as you contract the buttocks. If possible, you will want to intertwine your hands, after you lift your buttocks off the floor. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds before you release and repeat the stretch.

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When you are doing the back stretches, if you experience any kind of discomfort, then stop doing the stretch immediately. If you continue doing the stretches it may aggravate the pain. At the same time, stretch as much as possible. Do not overstretch. At the same time, if the pain
does not subside, in spite of doing the stretches regularly, consult your health care professional

By Bhakti Satalkar
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