Lower Back pain


Back Pain in Lower Right Side

Many people these days complain of back pain, specially in the lower back.e
The type of pain (acute or chronic) differs according to the underlying cause. In chronic cases, the pain observed is dull and aching, and lasts for a long time. People suffering from chronic pain have a difficulty in bending or doing manual labor. Sometimes, the pain is so unbearable that the person cannot perform his daily activities. This type of pain is experienced when suffering from osteoporosis,
spondylolysis, etc. In acute cases, you may experience sudden shooting or sharp back pain.n 

Prevalent Causes

And body posture in walking, sitting, sleeping. is incorrect

Lifting Heavy Objects.n#
Obesity Be Detrimental To Your Back And Knees.n#
Herniated Disc#
Kidney Diseases#


e#Taking rest is one of the best home remedy that can be followed to ease back pain. If possible, make sure that you lie down in a comfortable position and take rest.w

e# Using heat pads is another effective method of treating pain. You should never use a heat pad in case you have applied an ointment or lotion on the affected area.w

e# Alternately, an ice pack can also be used to relieve pain.e

e# Doing light exercises like stretching can also help in easing pain in some cases. However, make sure that you perform these exercises under the supervision of a physiotherapist.e

e# Over-the-counter painkillers can also be used to treat pain. But, it is essential to consult the doctor before taking any medication, in case you are suffering from any chronic disorder.e

e# If you suffer from obesity-induced back pain, you need to lose weight immediately using proper weight loss methods.


• In most of the cases,lower back pain is caused due to issues related to the posture.  having a right posture tops the list of preventive measure that are to be followed to prevent backache. You should sit, drive and sleep in a comfortable position.

• you must avoid suddenly bending down from the waist. Bending from the knees is the ideal position, even while lifting weight.

•  you must exercise only under the supervision of a certified trainer, and consult your doctor before you begin any rigorous exercise regime.

As a concluding note, we can say that although back pain is one of the most common and growing health conditions in the world today, it can be prevented to a great extent by following a proper lifestyle, and eating and sleeping habits.

Hope you feel better soon :)n