Lower Back pain


Back Extension Exercise

Back Extension Exercise

Wondering what is a back extension exercise? Back extension is basically an exercise that helps strengthen your lower back muscles. This strength training exercise helps give stability to your back and works effectively in relieving the stressed back muscles. Many people suffering from lower back problems are recommended to perform these exercises. You can perform back extensions on floor or using exercise equipment such as exercise ball or the back extension machine. Here are a few of them

Exercises You Need to Try

Exercise #1

Start by lying flat on floor, face down. Place your hands under forehead with palms facing down. Now use your back muscles and lift your chest off floor. Exhale as you come up and also remember not to use your glutes to lift up your chest. Hold the position for about 3 seconds and slowly get back to the initial position. Perform 15 reps and 3 sets of this exercise. You can also keep your hands extended in front of your head and then raise your chest. This is a bit difficult variation of chest lift exercise

Exercise #2
To start, lie face down on an exercise mat. Place your legs together and hands on your sides, palms facing down. Now start lifting your legs together off floor. Lift in a controlled manner and as high as you can. Exhale as you do this movement. Do not move your upper body. Hold the position for about 3 seconds. Lower your legs slowly, inhale as you relax. Perform 15 reps and 3 sets of this exercise. This is another exercise that is helpful in strengthening your lower back muscles

Exercise #3
You'll need and exercise ball and mat for performing this workout. With knees and toes on the floor mat, rest your stomach on the ball. Place you hands behind your ears. Now use your back muscles and lift your head and shoulders upwards. Lift as much as you can until your shoulders, hips and knees are roughly in a straight line. Lower and again perform same exercise. Perform
at least 15 reps and 3 sets of this effective lower back exercise

Exercise #4
Sit upright on this stool, feet placed together on the floor, hands at your sides. Do not rest your hands on the stool. Start bending slowly, keeping the back straight, do not bend at the hips. Lower until you feel a stretch in the lower back. Wait for 3 seconds and raise yourself back to the initial position. Perform 10 reps and 2 sets of this exercise

Exercise #5
Adjust it so as to firmly hook your feet under the foot pads. Adjust the machine so that the pad is against your upper thigh and keep your back straight. Start this exercise by lowering your upper body and ensure that you keep your back straight. Inhale as you do this. As you reach a position when your body forms a 90 degree angle, hold for 2 - 3 seconds and come up to the initial position. Exhale as you move upwards. Perform 10 reps and 3 sets of this exercise

The aforementioned exercises must be performed regularly to gain the maximum benefit. These will keep your back relaxed, strong and stress free. These exercises will also help
improve your posture and hence, relieve many back problems. All the best

By Mamta Mule
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